Common Issues That Come With Renting Property

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Landlord or Tenant, no matter wish side you’re on, you often feel as if you’re on opposing sides of a wall. This could have some significant issues on both sides, since it could lead to tension and make you feel like your home or business are unfavourable to deal with. Whether it’s dealing with rent in arrears, or tenancy deposits, there are a few common issues that come with renting property

Tenancy Deposit Disputes 

A tenancy deposit dispute is when a tenant and landlord disagree about the terms of the tenancy agreement. Disputes can arise for a number of reasons, such as disagreements over the condition of the property, unpaid rent or damage to property.

Some landlords will take a deposit from their tenants to cover any potential damage or unpaid rent at the end of the tenancy period. At this point, it is important for both parties to agree on what constitutes an acceptable condition of the property and what level of wear and tear should be allowed. If there is any disagreement, it can lead to a dispute between landlord and tenant that may need to be resolved by an independent third party, such as an adjudicator or tribunal.

Of course, tenancy deposit disputes can happen for a number of reasons, but ultimately it sours the relationship between tenants and landlords very quickly. It could lead to landlords feeling as if they are being hunted, and could lead tenants to feel as if they are leaving a property out of pocket and being scammed. 

Repair and Maintenance 

Tenants want to move into a home that is well maintained, because they want to feel safe in their homes. Landlords want their properties to be treated with respect by those who live there. However, this is another point of contention between landlords and tenants. Who’s responsibility is it to take care of any repairs and maintenance when it comes to a property? 

It’s the tenants responsibility to keep on top of any cleaning, tidying and care of the property they are renting. Tenants share some of the responsibility when it comes to making sure the property is in good standing. i.e. small repairs. 

However, major repairs are left to the landlords, especially if they home was in disrepair before it had tenants. According to a uk housing disrepair claims service, whether part of social housing or a housing association, the landlord has a requirement to ensure that the property is up to a certain living standard before they rent it out.  

Unaffordable Rent 

This is an issue that causes more tension between landlord and tenant. There are multiple factors that could affect rent as a whole. On the side of the landlord; A landlord may want to charge higher rents because they think the property is in demand, while the tenant may not be able to afford that much rent. However, it could also be that the tenant is no longer working, or a lack of funds to pay rent. If there is no agreement between the two parties, then it could lead to problems down the line.

Lack Of Knowledge About Rights 

One of the main problems is not understanding how to approach what is expected of you as a tenant or as a landlord when it comes to a rental property. Understanding your rights on both sides could help to tackle the issues.

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