Aspects To Consider When Moving Home

The decision to move house isn’t an easy one, especially when you’re moving long distance. Sometimes the decision is compounded by the will to buy a bigger house, a better mortgage or simply a change of scenery. However, there is a lot of moving home advice that you must consider before signing on the dotted line and fully committing.

Listen To Your Family

Kids will likely moan when you decide to move house, and that’s fine, they don’t like change and can find the whole process quite stressful. You need to make an informed decision whether it will be better for them. Consider where you’re moving to, if they’re going to have to move school, you need to really rethink your decision. Of course, you need to weigh the differing opportunities, but if your children are in the middle of high school they really won’t want to move as they’ll have to make new friends and essentially change their life. Listen to how your family feel about it, and make a decision which is best for everyone.


Check Out The New House

Make sure you sufficiently check out the new home. Many people don’t mind when they need a little bit of work, it means you can knock the price of the house down, but sometimes home improvement projects can take a lot longer than initially thought and also cost more money. If you’re in doubt consider asking an expert to check it out, you can get a good feeling for how long the work will take. Don’t let it put you off, because rarely is there a house that’s totally perfect, just be sure to price it all up before hand. If there are small things that need to be fixed you can perhaps ask for these to be fixed before moving in.

Investigate The Area

Your estate agents can really help you out here, you can get a great estate agency service which can show you local amenities and points of interest. You should still do your research though, an estate agency can show you a school but only you can gauge how good it is. Work out the distances from your new home to your place of work, fuel consumption can go up astronomically if they’re in awkward locations. The same applies to local shops and services, you may have a beautiful house, but think about how you’d feel about driving miles just for some bread and milk.

Consider A New Build

If you build your own home you can get exactly what you want. Bespoke rooms built to specification, the perfect amount of bedrooms and bathrooms. It can be quite expensive, and again you need to consider the area. If you’re using a developer, visit some of the developer’s already completed projects to see if you like their style and quality. There’s another problem with delays to build, sometimes things are discovered that need to be fixed, which throws all scheduling out of the window. Don’t arrange to move in ahead of time, because you could be left with nowhere to live.


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  • Awesome tips! Just to add, another thing that you can do to have that high-end look in your Home improvements
    is to use stunning tiles. This will definitely drastically change the overall look and feel of your house. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this, very informative and helpful! 🙂