Considerations for the Perfect Guest Bedroom

Is your guest room blurring the boundaries between bedroom and storage space? Is it furnished with hand-me-downs from the past two decades? If this is the case, your guest bedroom may be in dire need of a redesign. So, you want to create the perfect space for your friends and family to relax in when they come to stay, but you don’t want to break the bank over a room that won’t get used daily. Here’s how.

Things to consider when creating the perfect guest bedroom:

A comfy bed will go a long way. In fact, this is what your guest may remember most; whether they had a great night’s sleep or a horrible one. Just because the bed is in the spare room, doesn’t mean that it should be uncomfortable. 

Do you often have elderly family members come to stay? It can be quite unsettling to leave one’s home and stay as a guest in another’s home, particularly for the elderly. Don’t underestimate how much comfort a walk in shower could give Grandma and Grandad. 

 It’s your job to help them feel at home. You can do this by providing an empty chest of drawers or dresser. Most house guests greatly appreciate being able to unpack their items into an empty space, so clear out the guest room closet and provide storage for your guests. 

When decorating your guest room, know that by keeping the walls bright, clean and fairly neutral you’ll be creating a mood that’s relaxing rather than distracting. If you have decorated your guest bedroom with a busy theme, covering every spare inch with your personal taste in fabrics, textures, and knick-knacks, you’ll only remind your guest they are in an unfamiliar space. You can still decorate your guest room according to your own style (it is your house, after all), just tone the personality down a touch. Most homeowners want this space to be a peaceful retreat for their guests, so simplicity is key. 

Following from this, opting for jazzy patterns and brighter colours means that they will go out of fashion quickly. Go for white sheets and brighten up the room with rugs, blankets, throws and cushions; pops of colour that you can change according to the season or what’s on trend. 

 It’s nice to provide guests with the essentials such as toiletries, hairdryer, towels and flannels. They’re likely to forget something so cover all your bases. 

Guests don’t always like to ask if they’re feeling thirsty or a little peckish. Leave a bottle of water on their bedside table with a few snacks such as cereal bars or some chocolate. It’s the little, thoughtful things that make a pleasant stay! 8. Write down the wifi code and leave it in their room. If they have it on hand, they’ll be able to access it on all their devices without you having to repeat the password over and over! 9. Finishing touches like a bunch of flowers and a few candles will go along way and just let your guest know that you really wanted them to have a lovely, comfortable stay. 

Take on board these tips to provide your loved ones with ultimate comfort during their stay.

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