Contemporary Living Room Design For The Family

The living room is one of the busiest rooms in the house in most family homes. If you like contemporary design, it can be hard to make your living room look chic and not like a feel like a playroom. Decorate your living room with some of these ideas to make a room for the whole family, not just for the children.

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With these design choices, you can make a living room that is family-friendly but still works for the grown-ups. 

Choose bright colours

Contemporary homes often only use a very neutral colour palette, which is not always very practical if you have small children. Instead of all the white, choose some brighter tones for a room that is fun and modern. Add in colour with living room wall panels or smaller details like scatter cushions, colourful artwork, or by showcasing your family photos. Protect your carpet from spills with a colourful rug. 

Buy some fun seating

If you have a big family or like to entertain, you will want to make sure that you have enough seating for everyone. Instead of going for the classic over-stuffed sofa of most family rooms, choose something that has a more modern shape. Choose a sofa with clean lines, and then add extra seating in a fun way with beanbags or large floor cushions.

Add entertainment

A big TV is ideal for a family movie night. For a sleek look, mount your TV on the wall and make sure you hide away any trailing wires so the TV doesn’t take over the room. For something cool, buy a coffee table that has a board game built in. If you love games of Cluedo, for example, you can buy a table with the board as the table’s surface. It looks interesting and gives you something to do together. Add a sound system too, for music or for movies.

Add more storage

Nothing spoils a contemporary design like clutter everywhere. Get in as much storage as you can, with built-in cupboards and shelving. Furniture that doubles up as storage helps too, like a coffee table with a box underneath, or an ottoman. You can use extra storage to hide away clutter like toys, games, and DVDs, and keep the room looking clear. 

Light it up

Lighting is very important in contemporary design. A mix of ceiling and table lights adds both ambient and task lighting. As your lights are usually out of the way, you can choose something less child-friendly and more modern. Bounce light around the room by decorating with a mirror.

Modern design is often thought of as not being the best choice for a home with kids. If your tastes are more contemporary, you don’t have to give them up just because you have children. Be smart about your choices of shape and colour in your living room, and you can create a modern room that still works for the whole family. Store clutter away, and you have a contemporary home. 

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