Keeping the Kids Busy with Culinary Schools Online Games

With the recent Covid-19 outbreak many people in the hospitality industry have sadly been losing their jobs, or have been furloughed until things are up and running again. Many of these workers are minimum wage, and in a lot of cases, especially in the US, rely on their tips to make a living. So not only is this a problem for the workers, but it also means that we aren’t able to go out and spend our money at restaurants, as they are all closed. Some places are now doing takeout, and making that available, but there are plenty of places that are closed for the foreseeable future.

It has been both good and bad to be cooking for ourselves at home. I have a little extra time on my hands to do it, this is true, but when the children are around, it can be a bit of a juggle. I have been getting them involved where we can, and it actually does make a difference. It may take a little longer, but it does help to teach them some valuable skills like weighing, measuring, and chopping (or whatever is age-appropriate for them).

Online Culinary Games

With the children, I have been on the look out for different things that they can do to keep them busy. There are only so many times they can watch YouTube or watch movies in a day! Culinary Schools have launched some online kids games related to all things culinary and in the kitchen, to help them to understand some things around cooking, as well as what it would be like to work in a restaurant. The game Open Restaurant is all about giving children an idea of how hard culinary work is.

The children and I have been having a look at the games online, and it have been really impressed! There are games aimed at all ages, such as ‘Can I Eat It’ is a game where different things pop up and you click and decide yes or no, to can you eat it. It is quite funny with little ones, as there are things like batteries, bugs, and socks, as well as sausages, and vegetables.

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My daughter, in grade one, likes the Food Court game, which is a simple maths game that helps them to learn to count and add, by counting food items. It shoes a variety of food items on screen, and then you choose the answer from multiple-choice questions. It is fun, and she has enjoyed clicking and getting things right. it is definitely quite basic, though, so good for little ones, aged four or five, I would think.

My son, aged 8, likes the Fitness Food Run game the best, where it is all about moving your person around the game, trying to avoid the unhealthy food like fries, and to jump to get the healthy food like fruit and vegetables. The person even slows down and gains weight eating the unhealthy food, and has more energy with the healthy food. So as well as being fun, it is quite informative and educational. With so many people homeschooling right now, it is definitely a good thing to implement, as it could work well as part of the PSHCE curriculum.

A big plus about the games is that they do not have any ads, which is helpful. I feel confident leaving the children to sit and play, without the worry that they will click on an ad or a pop-up. If you’re looking for some more ideas for free content for your children in lockdown, and beyond, then I think that these games are a great idea. They’re different, they’re fun, and they have a great educational aspect to them too.

Have you heard of Culinary Schools before? Do you think that you’ll give these games a go? It would be great to hear what you think,

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