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I have been lucky to try out some Pressels recently and they are such a lovely snack. They come in three flavours; original, sesame and everything and are only available at Waitrose. I think ‘everything’ (topped with seeds, garlic and pepper) was my ultimate favourite flavour. They are crispy and delicious and the kids loved them too. They are only 100 calories per 25g so not too bad of a snack either!

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Former Great British Bake Off contestant Cathryn Dresser has put together a few recipes using Pressels as they are really versatile and can be used at parties or for snacks, both savoury and sweet.

Pressels Sharing Platter

• Pressels.
• Waitrose dips: these could include guacamole, hummus, sour cream and chive, tzatziki, taramasalat
• A selection of crudites; include Waitrose baby chicory – break the leaves apart, Waitrose Essential cucumber and celery. You can also include baby carrots, cut in half lengthways, and keeping the green tops.

1. Spoon the dips into small decorative bowls and arrange in the centre of a large wooden serving board or large serving plate.
2. Arrange the vegetables along one half of the platter alternating colours and sizes to make it look bright and exciting.
3. Put the three flavoured Pressels into dishes and set down the other side of the platter.


Pressels are really versatile and can be used to make desserts too! The options are really quite endless but why not try:

Millionaire’s Pressels

~ Top Original Pressels with small teaspoonfuls of Carnation Caramel (you can also use dulce de leche) and top with a generous curl of grated dark chocolate.

Lemon Curd & Mascarpone Pressels

~ Mix 100g mascarpone cheese (or essential Waitrose creamy soft cheese) with two tablespoons of lemon curd. Spoon onto Original Pressels and finish with finely grated lemon and lime zest.

Another pressel recipe, perfect for entertaining and parties is using them to make canapés. Some ideas here:

Pressels canapés

• Pressels – all flavours.
• Smoked salmon, Waitrose cream cheese, lemon juice and black pepper.
• Waitrose guacamole and pomegranate seeds.
• Waitrose salt beef, mustard & dill pickle.
• Chorizo and green olive.

1. Carefully and neatly top the Pressels – make sure the toppings are roughly the same size as the Pressels.
2. Arrange in rows on a large wooden serving platter/board or plate – or choose one or two varieties and serve as a neat starter with some rocket, watercress, lambs lettuce or other green salad or herb leaves.

Other topping suggestions:
• Mozzarella, basil leaf and sun blush tomato.
• Feta and watermelon.
• Fig and dolcelatte.
• Beetroot and goats cheese.
• Marinated herring and thinly sliced red onion.
• Waitrose hummus and cucumber.


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