Cool Things for Children to Collect

As many mums know, lots of children reach a stage where they enjoy collecting things. Sometimes they start building a collection of cards, stickers or toys. And occasionally they decide they enjoy collecting random things, even if it’s just stones. Collecting things can be a great way of developing different skills. They learn how to be responsible for their stuff, organisation, maths, and more. If you think your kidlets might like to start a new collection, there are so many things they can collect. Some of them are free, while others may require them to start managing money. Here are some ideas for what they could collect.

  • Rocks and Other Pieces of Nature

A lot of children will start off by collecting things they find when they’re playing. To you, it might look like an ordinary pile of rocks, but it’s likely to mean much more to them. Apart from teaching them lots of skills, it helps them to use their imagination and value the things they find. Anything they pick up outside won’t cost any money. However, there is one thing to consider. Many people think it’s wrong to take anything from nature, even if it’s a rock or a leaf. You may think that it’s just one thing. But if everyone takes “just one”, these materials could disappear. If you’re worried about taking things from nature, you could encourage taking a photo, drawing a picture or making a note of each find.


  • Toys and Models

Children have collected the latest toys and display models for a long time. From Dinky cars to china dolls, there’s always something that appeals to kids. If your child starts collecting toys, they can wait until they get a gift from friends and family. But it’s also a great way to encourage them to earn and save towards their next item. They can look at the Eddie Stobart shop, for example, choose what they want to buy next and create a budget. They’ll be able to set up a schedule and know when they’re going to have enough money.

  • Items on a Theme

Some children don’t pick one item to collect, but rather enjoy collecting on a theme. It might mean that their collection doesn’t have any monetary value, but it’s still a fun thing to do. For example, if their favourite animal is the penguin, they might collect everything they can find with a penguin on it. It’s a great way to encourage a passion, plus it makes buying gifts incredibly easy.

  • Stamps, Coins, Cards or Stickers

The classic things to collect are often the best. Collecting stamps might have fallen out of fashion a bit. But it’s still fun to build other collections. Things like coins, cards and stickers are easily put away in an album. So their collection won’t have to take up half of their bedroom. It’s fun to do even a short-term collection, such as stickers for the football World Cup. They get to socialise with others who are doing it, and feel the satisfaction of completing their book.

Collecting can be a great hobby for all types of children. It can help them come out of their shell or learn to sit still and concentrate. What do yout little ones like to collect?

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