A Guide To Coping With Both Children And Pets

If you started your family with pets and then had children, or you’re considering having children, you need to make sure you can cope with both. Depending on the kind of pets you have, it can be like having multiple children in the house! These tips will help you to cope with both:

Research Pets and Breeds

If you haven’t got your pet yet, wait! You should make sure you research different pets and breeds extensively first. If you buy a dog that isn’t known for loving children, or a pet that your children won’t be able to enjoy, then you’re going to have a tough time keeping them together. Some people think that small dogs are best, but in actual fact, they can get jealous of small children and make it difficult to keep them.

To make sure you can cope with both children and pets now and in the future, ensure you do lots of research.


Don’t Leave Your Pets Alone With Very Young Children

Maybe you already had pets before you had children. You can’t exactly get rid of them; it wouldn’t be fair. Attempting to live together happily first is important. Whether you have a cat, a dog, or something else, avoid leaving your pets alone with very young children. You may think your pets are as gentle as anything, but accidents are happen. You don’t breed to upset yourself by reading horror stories, but making sure you’re smart about socialising your children and pets is a good idea. Even answering the door for a minute or two could prove to be dangerous.

Make Sure Your Children Interact With Pets Properly

By teaching your children to interact with your pets properly, you shouldn’t have any problems. Make sure they know to always be gentle with your pets. They shouldn’t pull on their tails, annoy them when they clearly want to relax, or do anything else that can make your pet lash out. If your kids are a little older, you could potentially give them chores so they get used to helping with your pets. You could give them the job of giving them their Capstar medication, brushing them, refilling their water bowl, or something else.

The sad fact is that if your kids can’t interact with your pets properly and your pets lash out, it will still be deemed your pets fault. Do your best to train your children and pets to behave around one another properly.

Don’t Let Your Pets Have Free Reign Of The House

Letting your pets have free reign of the house can cause a number of problems. They could leave hairs everywhere, which could cause allergies. They could chew through wires, and even attempt to curl up with a sleeping baby. You probably know why this is an awful idea! If you’re busy and you don’t have time to watch your pets around your kids, then keep them in one room.

You can cope with both children and pets, you just need to be a little more vigilant than you would normally!

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