Coping with Your Teen Leaving for University

I know this isn’t particularly relevant to me right now, but I have been that teen on the other side. so first of all, well done on getting through your child’s high school years. Now they are going off to University! There are still a few things that you need to teach them before they leave. They need to know how to manage their finances and drive safely, for starters.

Safe Driving

It is always a good thing to drive safely…and sober. When teens go away to Uni, it is a given that they will be attending parties where there will be alcohol. You need to stress the importance of not driving after they have been drinking. It is common sense, but there are many that risk it. Aside from endangering themselves and everyone else on the road, if they get caught, they can face stiff fines, jail time and will have to get SR22 insurance. It isn’t easy but you can find SR22 insurance cheap if you look hard enough. This is something that they need to avoid at all costs, though.


Managing Money

Going away to University can be an exciting yet intimidating experience. Leaving home and high school for a college can be a huge step and the first time that many people will be on their own and have a taste of real freedom. There are quite a few different things that will need to be juggled for their experience to be one that is successful. From attending classes and studying to maintaining finances and networking, there are quite a few things for the average University student to tackle. A specific area where they might need some assistance is in budgeting. Some things that can help them include:

·  Enrolling in a meal plan

·  Sharing expenses with a roommate

·  Watching impulse spending

What About You?

How will you deal with your baby leaving the nest? There are quite a few things that will be different around the house and it will definitely be quieter. That might take quite a bit of getting used to. You have waited nearly 18 years for this to happen. Did you know that it is said that one of the easiest ways to deal with empty nest syndrome is to relabel yourself? As opposed to being a full time parent, now you will be able to reconnect with others in your life as a professional, a friend, and even as a spouse. Let your time be taken up by doing things for you and the other people in your life.

Do What You Want

The chances are good that with junior gone, you will have a bit more free time on your hands. Maybe you could turn a corner of his or her room into that reading nook you have always wanted. Alternatively, you might have the time and energy to do the things with your other youngsters that the college student didn’t like. Some of the things that you enjoyed before he/she was born might be best left in the past, but you will find new interests to fill the void if you are open to new activities and patient.

Plan Summer Activities

Summer can be a great time for you to connect or reconnect with your kids. They are home from school and have time to spend. For this reason, and because they can get bored after a few weeks with nothing to do, here are a few activities that you might enjoy.

·  Start a business. It doesn’t need to be massive, just something to while away their time. Lawn service and babysitting businesses are popular choices.

·  Write that book. Anyone can self-publish on Amazon.

·  Plan a fundraiser. This can help with college expenses or maybe find a charity to support.

·  Find a new hobby. This is one that you could literally find a lifelong connection to. Pro tip – this is a good idea for empty nest parents too.

There isn’t any way to know just how long it will take for you to successfully adjust to your child being gone, but by letting them go, staying busy, and knowing that they will come home for the holidays, you will be doing them and yourself a massive favour.

Is there anything that you would add?


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