Specifying the Correct Doors for Industry

Specifying can be a complicated task, with so many different manufacturers to choose from no what product you are specifying. When it comes to specifying the correct doors for industry, there are a number of things you need to be aware of.

Fire Doors

Specifying the correct fire doors for industrial use is one of the most crucial tasks to get right as the wrong door can often mean the difference between a tragedy or a successful escape.

First of all, should consider the purpose of the fire doors that you are specifying. This could either be fire suppression, containment, or the protection of vital emergency escape routes. The type of fire door you specify will likely vary depending on its purpose, but you must ensure that it meets the necessary requirements, which is why you should always specify a leading brand for fire doors, such as Hormann.

For example, the role that fire exists must fulfil is somewhat different to that of fire doors. While fire doors are required to be tested and certified as fire resistant, fire exists are often specified as general emergency exists, and aren’t always fire resistant.

Rolling Shutters

Rolling shutters – also known as roller shutter doors – are usually specified as an added safety measure, and are often used in the manufacturing and automotive industries, along with logistics centres and facilities containing high-value items.

However, there are a number of factors you have to consider when specifying a rolling shutter, aside from safety. These include the frequency with which the until will be used, the overall level of security required, and any insulating requirements.

When specifying rolling shutters, the height and width of the opening must also be taken into account as these will affect the size and thickness of the components required for the shutter to properly function.

Further industries where it’s appropriate to specify rolling shutters or rolling grilles includes warehouses, commercial buildings, and agricultural facilities.

Industrial Sectional Doors

One of the most important things to consider when it comes to specifying the correct type of industrial sectional door is space. Some models can take up a lot of space once you factor in all the accompanying operating mechanism required, so you will need to keep this in mind not just the size of the actual unit itself.

If space is limited in the build you are specifying and industrial sectional door for, then look for one with a vertical opening mechanism as these take up far less space both when the door is open and closed. Even though they roll away above the opening when in use, most of made from either steel or aluminium meaning that they are suitable for specification in areas of heavy use.


No matter what type of door industrial door you are specifying, safety is always an important aspect to keep in mind. For example, as the Door Controls Direct blog points out, there are a range of different door closures that can impact the safety of the door. Plus, many sectors have rigorous health and safety regulations in place with some, like the pharmaceutical industry, having added regulations around hygiene. You must ensure that the products you are specifying will not only be fit for purpose but that they also meet the relevant industry regulations.

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