Crafting The Perfect Home Movie Experience For Your Family

Often, our family ‘movie room’ is simply the living room of our property. That is perfectly normal and perfectly fine. You don’t need the most eccentric media home studio with collection of blu-rays and 50’s movie memorabilia to enjoy a movie with your family. But for many families, this weekly experience is something of a ritual. 

For that reason, you might want to invest in this environment a little, to ensure that everyone can enjoy the most rewarding movie experiences, to get immersed in the movie, and to bond as a family well. If you set this up right, you might avoid the need to ever visit the cinema, as theatrical to home releases are often getting shorter and shorter in their daily. Crafting the family movie room must also take everything into account, and the steps must be actionable for a wide variety of families, not only those who can afford to invest in everything right off the bat.

Let us consider how this might work in your home:

The Comfort

A family movie night doesn’t quite have the same sense of attraction if everyone must sit on the floor to enjoy it. That doesn’t necessarily stop the movie night from being something wonderful that everyone can enjoy. For example, your children might prefer to sit on the carpet. But sorting out your seating arrangements can ensure that everyone has a good time. We would recommend that everyone has a great view of the television, for example. 

This is why avoiding placing a television above the fireplace mantle is a great idea, because most have to crane their necks to see it. We would recommend purchasing a large sofa if you haven’t already, perhaps a recliner provided you understand how to care for a recliner chair, maybe a couple of bean bags for the children (these can be moved elsewhere during the week,) and perhaps another armchair. Often, having at least one or two extra seating spaces can help everyone feel a little less cramped, providing you have the room.

The Speakers

Speakers are an excellent means of improving a cinema going experience without having to invest a ridiculous amount of money into improving the movie area. You can purchase a great 5.1 system for less than $75 these days, and that can truly envelop the entirety of your room in fantastic audio. Just wait until you watch a car chase scene. You’ll see what we mean. It’s worth the investment. 

The Arrangement

Often, families can disagree on what they might like to watch. With the prevalence of on-demand streaming services, there might be many, many movies open to you at one time. This is where coming up with a certain system can be a great idea. Perhaps once a week, you can ask someone in the family for ‘their pick.’ This can help everyone feel like they have a turn to show something to the family, if appropriate of course. This can help solve those disagreements (especially among teenagers) and give everyone a fair chance.

With these tips, you’re sure to craft the perfect family movie experience.

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  • I agree that besides the speakers (which are obviously important) one of the most important things when it comes to having an awesome movie night is the feel of the room. You definitely want to be comfortable when watching your content, and one little change can really make all the difference. I’d say that having a big screen can also add to the entire experience as well.
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