Milky Bubbles


Max is my little milk monkey (is that a thing?!). Regardless, he loves drinking milk and has done so since I stopped breastfeeding him when he was 9 months young.

Drinks milk with his breakfast, milk with his lunch and milk with his dinner (plus some water in-between of course, parenting police) – he can’t get enough of the stuff. It means buying a lot of milk though as he goes through it at a rapid rate. We like to get Cravendale for several reasons really. The first one that drew me to the brand to start with, is that it is filtered for freshness, so lasts longer than your average milk once opened (7 days – plus if it is unopened it has a longer ‘shelf’ life). Helpful as the bigger bottles last us longer (and having once gotten really ill from having gone off milk, I am super paranoid about it).

The second reason that has made us stick with it, is that Max loves the taste (as does the husband). There are never any complaints from them, as long as we have some in the fridge. The husband’s favourite use of milk is with cereal or in porridge but Max likes the stuff, straight from the fridge in a big glass (oh and there has to be a straw). A lot of people ask when they are babysitting him how they should heat his milk that he has before going to bed but they are all surprised when I say that he doesn’t like it warm. Never has. Little pickle.




You know what the best part is though? There just has to be a straw, so there just has to be bubbles. Naturally.

Are your little ones milky babes? Let me know in the comments!

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