Cook Up Some Ideas! How To Create Your Dream Kitchen

All of us have an image in our heads of what we want our dream kitchen to be like. Whether you’re into shabby farmhouse chic or minimalist white and chrome, you absolutely have a vision for what you want your kitchen to be, whether that’s your personal style or based on recent trends. Here are some ideas for how to add your style to your kitchen.


Minimalist Style

If you don’t have many appliances in your kitchen or many added touches, it’s important that you invest in quality for the ones that you do have. Get good quality kitchen taps and make sure that your worktops are made from excellent materials – let the quality of them shine through. Paint your walls white or very pale grey, and make sure you keep your surfaces uncluttered.

Family Kitchen

For many of us, the kitchen is a family hub – it’s where everyone congregates in the evening to talk about their day and to catch up with each other. If this is what you want to focus on, you need to ensure that you have a big dining table so everyone can sit around it – if you want it to be easy for everyone to talk to each other, go for a circular one. If your family is younger, safety is key in your kitchen. Go for childproof cupboards with rounded edges so they don’t do too much damage if someone bumps into them. You should also make sure that items such as plastic cups and plates are kept in low down cabinets or on shelves so that they’re easily accessible to your kids – it’s important that you teach them to be independent and getting their own food and drink will help with this.


A Chef’s Kitchen

If you’re a keen chef, then your kitchen is less of a spot for socialising and more of a space in which you can create your favourite dishes. In that case, it’s important to have a room that’s easily usable. Focus on your storage – install a spice rack on your wall so you can pick out your favourite ones without too much bother, and ensure that your pots and pans are stored in pull-out cabinets so you can grab the one you need without too much bother. If you love cooking, make sure you spend your money on excellent products like a high quality knife set. Finally, grow your own herb garden along your windowsill. Adding fresh rosemary, chives and basil that you’ve grown yourself to your culinary creations will make you feel great.

Eclectic Kitchens

If you want to put your own stamp on your home and your taste is a little out there, feel free to go wild in the kitchen! Wall colours like dark blue and dark green are warm and homely along with being vivid and interesting, but if you’d like to keep it toned down, go for some decorative tiles instead. Make sure that you put up framed art on the walls – go for some family creations along with any paintings you might find in thrift or antiques stores and prints of your favourite works by famous artists.


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