Creating a Modern Bedroom for Your Son

As a mother of two, I am always thinking of new ways to make my little ones happy. All parents know how fussy young kids can be, and so it is important that you try to make your children feel at home. When it is time for your son to have a room, you need to create a space where he feels comfortable. I wanted to share some cool advice and tips with you guys, just in case you are planning any decor projects at the moment. Here is how you can create a beautiful modern room for your son.



~ Choose a Theme Colour

When it comes to choosing the theme colour, you ought to ask your son what he wants. To be honest, I have always found that blue works for boys, as for some reason they love that colour. You can speak with your son and ask him what colour he would like his room to be. Remember, if this is the first time he has had a single bedroom, he will probably be quite excitable. You should chat with him about what he wants and see what you can afford to do.

~ Original Artwork

Remember, this is a child’s room, and so it needs child’s art. If your son loves making pictures and drawing, you should let him make some unique art pieces for his new bedroom. This idea is a fun way to let your child take part in the decorating process. You can give him all the arts and crafts gear he needs, and let him get to work. Tell him to pick his three favourite drawings, and you will frame them for his new room.

~ Create a ‘Play’ Area

This room should be a special place where your son gets to express himself. If, for example, your child loves to play basketball, you could install a net in his bedroom. You should make an area in the room where your son can play games and do fun activities. If the room is small, you might want to use a corner for this function. It is important that your son loves his new room, and so you need to put things in it that suit him. If he happens to have any particular hobbies, you can use them as inspiration for his room.


~ Get Some Modern Furniture

The pieces you choose for your son’s room should last him for years to come. The last thing you want is to have to replace pieces over and again. You might want to get some Fombag beds for the room, for example. You should look around and see what pieces are available to you. That way, you will know what to look for when it comes to buying the pieces. You should always get quality furniture when you’re designing kids’ bedrooms. Children tend to jump around on things, and so it is always best to have sturdy pieces.

~ Make a Workspace

When your son reaches the age of around six or seven, he will start getting homework from school. You need to create a quiet place in his bedroom where he can get on with his work. If he has nowhere he can concentrate, he will find it difficult to study. You can get a child’s desk online if you want to create the right environment for your son. You should also get a lamp and a comfortable chair so that he can sit and work for hours.

Decorating and DIY can seem overwhelming at first, but they shouldn’t be. Start planning your son’s bedroom now, and you will see how much fun it can be!

Rebecca x

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