Creating the Best Holiday Ever

When planning a holiday it has to be one to remember. After all, they are costing you money that you’ve worked for, so it needs to tick all of the boxes, or requirements, that you have. For me, one of the best holidays that I have ever had was six months ago when we went to Bali, Indonesia. It really was a dream come true, which is one of the reasons why it was one of the best we have ever been on.

I have been thinking a lot about why I loved it so much, and here are a few reasons why. I wonder if it rings true for you and one of your favourite holidays (or helps if you are planning one of your own).

Ticked Something Off a Bucket List

For me, I have a bit of a bucket list (I say a bit, as the list keeps getting longer and longer), and when I can tick something (or a few things) off the list when we plan a trip, then it makes it a good trip for me. When we went to Bali, there were a few things to tick off my bucket list. for the first thing, it was that it was the first time I had ever been in the southern hemisphere. I also ticked off seeing the Hong Kong skyline as Hong Kong was where we flew through to get the second flight to Bali. Planning a trip around something that I have always wanted to see or do is always a winner for me.

One of the next things that I’d love to tick off my bucket list would be to goΒ on a Tanzanian Safari. To see the animals in their natural habitat would be amazing, and I imagine it is like nothing else on the earth. Tanzania is such a stunning country too, and it would also tick visiting the African content off the list.

Experiencing New Culture

I’m all for a staycation in the UK from time to time as we do live in such a beautiful country. But being able to experience a culture that is completely new really makes it a holiday to remember. In Bali, the Indonesian culture was really amazing to experience. The majority of the country practices Hinduism and there are temples dotted all around.

But one thing that was fascinating was the alters that are outside homes and hotels, as well as the offerings that are placed at them (as well as doorways and shops). I love what it represents and it was fascinating to learn all about it, not to mention the Holy Spring Water Temple just outside of Ubud. People from all over go to heal themselves in the water of the temple.

Great Weather

Don’t get me wrong, I love a ski trip from time to time. But if there is a choice to go on a holiday where there is some great weather, I am all for it. Bali, although humid, has pretty much fab weather all year round. And when we visited back in May, it was warm the whole time that we were there. Being able to relax in some sun and experience all the Bali has to offer in the sunshine makes for a happy me.

Explore Nature

Exploring nature and the outdoors is something that I really love (and of course, so do the kids). So if there is somewhere that means we can be outdoors exploring and see the local wildlife and nature, then it tick boxes for our family. In Ubud, there is a sacred monkey forest and it was really stunning. The monkeys just wander around in their natural habitat and it was so fun to see! The monkeys were so funny to watch especially how they interact with each other.

What are some of the things that makes a holiday a perfect one for you? It would be great to hear what you think.

*this is my entry to the Yellow Zebra Safari Blogger competition.

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