Creating a Garden Your Kids Will Love

If you have a garden, then you really should be doing everything you can to encourage your children to spend as much time out there as possible.

It seems like kids spend so little time outdoors in the fresh air these days, what with all of the gadgets and gizmos they have to keep them entertained and with increasing concerns about their safety but being able to run around and play outdoors is so important for their healthy development. That’s why you should create a garden the kids will love; then there’ll be no keeping them out of the place!

Here are a few ideas to get you started…


Build a Fence

First of all, if you don’t have a fence surrounding your garden, invest in a few quality fence panels and build one. This will ensure that your kids are secure in the garden, keeping them safe and giving you peace of mind.

Build a Treehouse

I’d be surprised if there’s a kid in the country who wouldn’t love their very own treehouse, and they’re actually not that hard to build – you can even buy them ready-assembled if you have the cash. When your kids have a treehouse as a base, they are much more likely to get out in the garden having fun and playing than they are to be sitting around with an Ipad or watching TV (but don’t expect them to stop doing that completely!


Make a Tree Swing

With just a length of sturdy rope, if you have a tree in your garden, you can create a fun Tarzan-style swing that will keep the kids active and entertained on a tight budget.

Hang Bird Feeders

If your kids love watching nature shows like Blue Planet, then a good way to entice them outdoors into the garden more often is by hanging a few bird feeders, and maybe even putting up some bird boxes, which will attract the beautiful creatures for your children to watch. These days, you can even rig up wireless cameras, so the children can watch the wildlife in the garden even when they aren’t outdoors, which is pretty educational.

Set up a Teepee

If treehouses aren’t your thing (safety concerns, fear of heights etc.) at least put up a teepee, wendy house or tent in the garden. This will become your children’s’ den from which they will plan their games of hide and seek and sneak a peek at the robins who’ve come to eat dinner.

Invest in a Jungle Gym

Setting up a jungle gym, which typically includes climbing bars, swings, trapezes etc., in the back garden is a great way to ensure that your kids actually spend some time being active. They’ll have so much fun swinging, climbing and competing that they won’t even know they’re exercising at all.

Get Some Gardening Tools

Of course, your garden is a garden, and that means it needs taking care of. So, why not recruit your kids to help you with the digging, weeding and planting by purchasing them their own set of gardening tools?

I hope this helps you to create a garden your kids (and you) will love and use regularly.

Rebecca x

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