Ideas for Creating More Space in the Home

No matter the size of your home, there are many ways to create space, regardless of the space that you have to work with. By looking at things in a different way, and manipulating some areas of the home, through lighting, mirrors, and accessories, you can create space and more of a feeling or airiness, as well as give yourself some extra space for things like storage, where required. 

You could also look at taking on some big changes to the home, if you are serious about improving the space that you have. No matter what you are looking to do and what you have to work with, here are some ideas to get you started if you want to create more space in your home.

Consider a loft conversion or extension

If you have it within your budget, then it can be a good idea to extend the home. This will obviously go a long way to creating more space in the home, as there will be more space in the home! One of the most popular choices when it comes to extending is to get a loft conversion. By adding in creative loft stairs, and designing the loft space with storage in mind, then it can make a big difference to your home overall. You could also consider a room extension, either single-storey or two-storey, or add a room such as a conservatory or an orangery. 

Create more storage

If you have a lot of clutter in the home, then it will make any room smaller, as well as looking more disorganised. Bags, clothing, and stacks of papers, as well as boxes, trinkets, and accessories, can put a room off balance and make it feel ‘tight.’ One of the ways to reduce this is to declutter to start with. But once you have done this, then creating some more storage is really what will make the difference. 

For example, you could create some storage by making a closet under the staircase, for example. By looking into staircase manufacturers who design them in this way, you could change what you have, or build your own. Then you can keep items stashed away, but it won’t take up any extra space out of the room.

Use mirrors wisely

Mirrors can be very helpful to create an illusion of space in a room, helping it to look larger as well as look brighter. By using mirrors wisely in a room, such as angled in the right way to catch light from the window, reflecting trees, water, or a skyline, then it can help to be seen inside. Placing them opposite windows also makes a difference, rather than putting it on the same side of the wall as a window. It gives any room a bigger and more light and airy feel.

Make the most of high ceilings

If you have a home with some large or open ceiling space, then are you making the most of the space? For example, using the ceiling or the space near the ceiling, then you could use it for shelving and storage, or using hooks for things like bikes  that you don’t have space for elsewhere. You could also look at using the extra space that is high for storage, which can make the room feel larger than it really is.

Regardless of the size of your home, it is simple to create more space, brightness, and storage, by following these simple steps. By keeping your home organised, and looking at ways to improve the space you have, these suggestions can make a big difference. 

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