Cut The Cost Of Running Your Home With These Amazing Ideas

These days we need to have tighter belts than ever. The cost of living has soared, yet salaries are stagnant. Trying to find enough money to feed the family and running your home has never been tougher. There are also far more things to spend money on than in the days of our grandparents. Gas bills, water bills, TV bills and internet bills are things they may not have had to worry about.

So how can you cut all these bills down to size to make running the home a lot cheaper? Not many of us are willing to give up the internet or TV subscriptions. These days it is essential to stay connected in these ways. And gas central heating is one creature comfort we simply couldn’t survive without these days. How did our grandparents do it?


Of course, we can cut down how much heat we need with a few clever tricks and investments. Something like investing in LED lighting from LED Hut can cut cost massively. You don’t miss out on brightness wither, so it is a win-win. You could also start by draught-proofing the home. Sash windows are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to letting our expensive heat escape. These can be draught proofed and improved by specialist companies. Add a good thermal-lined drape to the window area and you will be feeling much warmer. Draughts can also come in through keyholes and around the edges of doors. You can fix a key shutter and fuzzy draught excluders to the doorways yourself.

The loft or attic is another place where heat will escape. Extra insulation up there will keep the heat trapped underneath. This will make your upstairs areas feel much warmer. Open plan living allows the heat to move freely around your home. You might want to consider reinstating the internal wall divides if you have trouble keeping it warm. It also means you only need to keep one room comfortably warm while you are in there. This can sometimes be achieved with a little 400w heater. It could be cheaper than having the gas heating on all evening.

Solar panels can also help cut the cost of energy use in the home. If you run the vacuum, dishwasher, or electric oven when the sun is shining, you may not even incur an electric usage fee. Water butts that harvest the rainfall can be used to keep your garden green all year round without costing you any usage from the mains supply. These green-thinking initiatives can be a great way to save you money.

Not everyone likes to wear extra layers at home in the winter time. But it will allow you to turn the thermostat down a couple of degrees. A throw on the sofa can keep you warm when you’re sitting still, but moving about is the best way to keep warm. When you buy electrical appliances, choose ones that are A rated or better so they keep the bills low. And batch cooking can save you from food waste and costly gas hob bills.

There are lots of amazing ideas for saving money around the home. Sometimes a few subtle changes to your lifestyle could be all you need to make big savings. How can you save today?


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