Dads Come In All Different Styles, Luckily So Do Gifts!

It’s nearly father’s day, so if you haven’t yet found a gift, for dear old dad, you had better get cracking! Of course, if you have younger kids it probably falls to the mum to find the right gift for the man of the house. As we all know, men can be incredibly difficult to buy for, and dads are no exception. In fact, if anything they kind of bring this point home rather spectacularly because they can be a nightmare to shop for. Luckily, I’ve got some great ideas, no matter what type of dad you’re buying for. Let’s look at some of the classic types of dad and the gifts that they’d love.


Daredevil Daddies

Do you have a dad or husband who is quite the adventurer? Perhaps they love nothing more than going one and one with nature and seeing which one comes out on top. We’re talking here about the type of dad who loves mountain biking in the summer and heading out on camping trips with the kids. Well, if that’s the case, you might want to think about buying them a tandem skydiving experience. Tandem skydiving is where you climb up to around ten thousand feet before jumping out of a plane attached to a skydiving instructor. It’s a thrilling experience and one that everyone should do at least once in their life.

Of course, if they are afraid of heights we wouldn’t recommend this option.

Chocoholic Dad

Does the dad in your house have a sweet tooth? Then, you definitely need to consider getting something sugary and chocolatey for father’s day. Of course, you probably want something a little more unique than the typical bar of chocolate of even box of variety chocolates. Well then, why not think about buying a personalized king sized Cadbury’s bar. You can buy these online, and they are truly awesome, if not just for the fact that they’re big enough to share. Not that we’re suggesting dear old dad should have to split his gift of course. But it will certainly make for a great snack on your next movie night.


Petrol Head Daddy

If you have a dad that kisses their car goodnight, then you should definitely think about getting them something for the love of their life. What are the options here? Well, you could consider buying them a personalized number plate. There are number plates for sale that you can get with their name or a slogan like K00L DDI, get it? Other options might include some nice wax so that he can keep the car nice and shiny.

Football Crazy Daddy

Or finally, you might have a dad that’s complete football crazy and football mad. The best option here is some merch for his favorite team. For instance, he might love LFC. If that’s the case, you can get him a tracksuit with the emblem of the team on it. Or, maybe just go the classic route and get a footy shirt?

I hope this helps you shop for the perfect gift for the dad in your home, this Father’s Day.

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