4 Dangers of Driving on Snow Tires During Summer

When summers approach, you get prepared for a tough time as a driver because you will have to dedicate more time on your car tires more than your business or work. From swapping your tires to replacing them. That’s not what you want.

Below are 4 dangers of driving on snow tires during the summer:

1. Snow Tires Wear Out Faster in the Heat

Snow tires wear out faster in high temperatures because heat is really hard on them. They are made of a more flexible rubber compound that helps you deliver the best road trip both in icy and snowy conditions.

On the contrary, all-season tires are made with a harder rubber blend making them withstand hot weather conditions.

Heat is unsuitable for your snow tires therefore, need to use them at moderate temperatures in order to prevent them from wearing out. So, to prolong the tread life of your tire,avoid driving in the wrong conditions because it will will wear unevenly.

2. It Will Cost You, Not Save You Money

Your tires are most ideal for snowy and icy regions. Therefore, using them throughout the year will mean that you’ll spend a lot.

Why? Because snow tires are costly compared to all-season tires. It will wear faster than its expected tread life. So, if at all you’ll have to drive throughout the year, then it’s preferably to have two sets that you’ll always use for different driving conditions when the weather changes.

It’s expensive too because you’ll also have to to pay more for fuel when you use them in summer because too much gas is emitted.

3. Traction and Handling Issues

Normally, when winters approach, your tires will be worn out. You’ll have no alternative but to use them.

The disadvantage of winter or snow tires is that they wear unevenly when used during the summers. That means, you shouldn’t use them during the summers.

Another problem with snow tires is that they don’t have enough treads to provide the grip. That means, your tires will not channel snow as required making you risk your drive.

Therefore, look for better winter tires that have better traction and that will serve you longer as you expected. If you get involved in an accident because of this, you can contact William W. Hurst to help you battle it out.

4. Swapping Tires Can Be Easy and Free

Changing or swapping your tires each and every time is downright frustrating and that’s not what you want; definitely, you want to have  the freedom to drive without having to worry about changing tires every time.

That means, you will spend a lot of time and money just replacing or swapping tires. In some instances, some will charge higher for the service. Though, there are some tire shops that will swap the tires for you for free (rare).

Wrap Up

Snow tires will always be demanding, especially if you work in some busy organization that requires you to report early to work. Why don’t you look for all season tires. It will save you time and money. After all, you don’t deserve to waste a lot of time swapping tires when you could have used that time to land clients or create a stellar relationship with your current clients, turning them into repeat clients.

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