Right now I am loving:

– Home made mince pies
– Thick socks and long cardigans
– Messy hair
– Labrinth and Emeli Sande playing over and over again

– and Prison Break! I know, I know, this was out years ago. I remember hearing about it at the time and seeing posters of Wentworth Miller all over the place. But looking at the dates, it was right when I was at Uni and I didn’t really watch TV much then – far too much studying to be done of course. Mr U and I have been catching up the past few weeks on LoveFilm (like NetFlix) and we are hooked. We are half way through the last season and if I don’t have a coronary through all the suspense, we should be able to get it finished whilst the hubs is off work. But what to start with next? I guess I don’t have long to wait until the Christmas day episode of Downton…

P.S – I am signed up to do a 10km race in March to raise some money for the British Heart Foundation. If you would like to sponsor me and my team, you can here – thank you x

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