Decorating For Christmas

I think with social media we get such a peek into the lives of other people. And of late, it has been all about Christmas. I don’t know about you but I was seeing Christmas trees and decorations back in November, which seems earliest that I have ever seen; how about you?
When I was younger it was always the weekend that was two weeks before Christmas that meant that we went out to get a tree and get decorating. So although this was technically the third weekend before Christmas, I don’t think we could hold out much longer. So although I think that it is still technically early, it felt a little late as so many people already had their decorations up. But hey, anything that brightens your life given the state of things, right?
oh my goodness, these are incredible. If you have a faux tree like we do, then you can hook these onto your tree and then they leave it smelling all amazing and pine-like, just as if it was a real tree

It was fun to see all of our decorations again; I kind of forget what we have when they’re packed away for a year. And the children are really at an age that they can help and were so enthusiastic to help with it all (and I wasn’t too much of a control freak)! We put on Michael Buble’s album and we were off.

Something quite different for a tree could be some edible decorations – we usually choose candy canes, but I remember my grandparents having chocolate baubles on their tree when I was younger, and it was so special when we were told that we could choose one from the tree. How amazing is this Prestat chocolate bauble? They have flavours like  London Gin, milk Earl Grey Tea, and Pink Popping Prosecco truffle baubles too (all £12).

Dark Sea Salt Caramel Mini Truffles Bauble, £12
Milk Earl Grey Tea Mini Truffles Bauble, £12
London Gin Mini Truffles Bauble, £12
Pink Popping Prosecco Mini Truffles Bauble, £12

One thing that I have wanted to get since we have had a home of our own (so yes, it has taken me a while), is to get our very own wreath. I found one on the website, but they do have a huge range to choose from on their Christmas Page. I thought that this wreath was a little different with the golden pomegranates on display, rather than just a classic cinnamon sticks and dried fruit. The golden colour goes nicely with the other decorations that we have as well.

Another great thing about this wreath is that it is pre-lit. It does need some batteries, but they go in a little pack that is hidden, and then you can have the wreath twinkling on display. With the dark early evenings that we have at this time of year, I think it looks really pretty on display on the door with the sparkly lights. I haven’t seen many wreaths like that around so it is definitely a big selling point for me.

I know that at this time of year there are wreath making evenings like that on, but I prefer knowing that I have one that I can wrap up, pack away, and will be able to use year after year. The quality of the Christmas wreath is great too, with a double layer of hoops at the back, if that makes any sense, so it is really simple to display using a hook or something like a ribbon (I just bought an over-the-door hook on eBay).

Have you got your decorations up yet? It would be great to hear what your favourite thing at this time of the year is, and what you think about the wreath; do you have one or do you make one? I think they’re a lovely addition for the home (or front door) at this time of year.

*the wreath was gifted in exchange for this post, but all words and opinions are my own

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