Decorating Your Kids Bedroom on a Budget

When the time comes to decorate your kids bedroom, it really does help if you take a step back and follow along with some simple steps first.

Choosing the wrong type bed or mattress will result in your kids being unhappy, which in turn will absolutely make you unhappy. These steps can be fun if you get the kids involved, especially if you let them believe that they are actually in charge of the major decisions.

How to start?

The first thing you need to do is choose the bed type. My little man has so many clothes and toys in his room that it can often be a challenge to see his little bed. Now that he is growing and needs a bigger bed, space is definitely a problem. Luckily they make kids beds in a variety of styles, like bunk beds, specialty beds, and even captain’s beds. We eventually settled on the captain’s bed for several reasons. The wooden support frame is extremely sturdy and will easily handle his jumping up and down on his bed. Secondly, the drawers on both sides of the bed frame are absolutely perfect for storing his clothes and toys, helping to keep the place looking more roomy.

Next thing you should consider is the mattress. This is where your child is going to be spending many years to come, so it better be very comfortable. Make this a fun adventure like I did by taking your child to the store and telling them when you arrive at the mattress store that they get to play on all the beds. Try to get the child to lie still on a few different types of mattress to see if they prefer a soft or firm double mattress when they lie down. Once you find the perfect style, save money by visiting CutPriceMattress online and get some of the best prices for name brand mattresses in the region.

When it comes to decorating your kids bedroom, let them have some say in this matter too. While you may have already come up with a comforter, curtain, pillow, and throw rug theme you like, pick a few that you will be happy with and let your child make up their mind. Shopping online is easier, but I took my son to the local home shopping center and let them touch and feel the materials before deciding. Children lose interest in certain characters quickly, so try to go for more generic decor that can last several years before they change their minds.

Rebecca x

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  • Great tips! Particularly about shopping for mattresses. I need to do that since our kids have had their basic mattress since they first went into beds…and we bought the cheapest because they were still at the bed wetting stage!

  • My little daughter had her say alright, she dictated most of her bedroom design lol. Despite all of her requests for all the expensive trimmings like hello kitty bed sheets etc i did manage to get the rest of the room decorated quite cheaply. Coincidentally i also bough a great quality cheap mattress online from that cutpricemattress website also. My daughter loves her bedroom now. Good tip Rebecca to let the kids get involved! 🙂

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