Designing a Bathroom That’s Easy to Clean

Keeping a household tidy is not an easy job. It can feel like as soon as you’ve got it cleaned up, you blink and a mess has been created out of nowhere. The bathroom is one of the hardest rooms to clean in the house: the taps, toilet, and tiles. There are some simple design tips you can follow to make your life a lot easier.

No Tiles

Even though they are such a pain to clean, tiles are the go-to material when it comes to bathroom décor. Yes, they’re waterproof but they’re not only flooring material out there. There are plenty of other options you can pick for your bathroom. The material you use is dependent on your budget. You could consider laminate flooring with a tile pattern, which is infinitely easier to clean. Or you could possibly go for marble floors for that touch of luxury.


For your bathrooms windows you’ll definitely want to avoid curtains. Due to all the moisture in the air they will quickly become damp and a maintenance nightmare. Blinds are the way forward for your windows. They are practical, as well as stylish. Direct Blinds offer a fantastic range, both in style and colour. You can pick your blinds to match whatever colour scheme you have in your bathroom. We recommend going with a cool colour scheme.

Shower Curtain

A glass shower can look sleek, but it does require a lot of upkeep. By getting a shower curtain, you can easily chuck it in the washing machine and avoid mould. Again, if you’ve got a particular palette in mind for your bathroom, a shower curtain is a great way of co-ordinating the colours. If you do opt for a glass shower instead, an easy way to keep it clean is to keep a squeegee in the bathroom and wipe it down after every use, to keep it looking sparkling.


Ventilation in a bathroom is so important. If your bathroom has plenty of options for open windows then this isn’t one you need to worry about. However, if there is little natural air, an extractor fan should be something you invest in. It will save you a lot of condensation cleaning, and even potentially building costs in the future as it will prevent damp from damaging the walls. There are plenty of ventilation options out there, and you can find the one which will suit your design needs.

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