Top Destinations For a Winter Sun Break

When the big day is over it’s time to plan one’s next adventure and to find something to look forward too. Come January, most of us are completely over snuggling up by the fire and feeling pretty done in by winter colds, miserable weather and ongoing flu.

You see, winter does more than just raise your heating bill and chill your bones. It can have an effect on both your physical and mental health. In fact, did you know that our health can genuinely deteriorate during the winter months? Some of us even suffering with seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also known as winter depression.

The short, dark days of winter can lead to SAD. This distinct type of depression often comes with extreme sleepiness, increased appetite, a heavy “leaden” sensation in the limbs, loss of interest, sense of hopelessness and social withdrawal. If you’re wondering why you’re so much happier and healthier in the summer, maybe you have a touch of SAD too. Doctors may recommend light therapy, exercise and cognitive behavioral therapy to help overcome SAD. But we all know the treatment that is more effective than anything a doctor can prescribe is some winter sun! Steer clear from winter blues in 2018 and book yourself a holiday.

Contrary to popular belief, there are many destinations available to vacate to where you’ll be guaranteed sunshine without neccesserily flying the 22 hour trip to Australia.

Here are 8 of our favourite utopia’s:


Cancun, Mexico

Enjoy white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, be sure to treat yourself to some new ladies swimwear, as you’ll pretty much be living in your swimming costume for the duration of your trip!

The Canary Islands

A sun-drenched paradise with beautiful beaches and spectacular landscapes, the canaries are ideal for those who want to spend their days on the beach soaking up the sunshine.

The Caribbean

Relax on your sun bed with views of white sugar sand and palm trees, cocktail in hand – you’ll never want to come home from this truly paradisiacal tropical getaway.


Thailand is now one of the most desired holiday destinations on the planet. Renowned for its fabulous food and with a culture that is so distinctive, hundreds of beautiful beaches, bustling cities and green mountains, it won’t disappoint.



Looking for winter sun? Look no further than the sunshine state, Florida is famed for its subtropical climate, as well as its world-class theme parks, exotic beaches and wilderness known as the Everglades National Park – this is a great one for families.


From fascinating history and stunning beaches, there is no doubt that Malta is a uniquely charming and world class holiday destination.


With so much history and culture to admire, Egypt is one to tick off the bucket list. From the pyramids to the river nile to the red sea, you won’t struggle to find sunshine in Egypt.

South Africa

For an unforgettable holiday, visit Cape Town and experience it’s diversity. The magic of South Africa is that one moment you’ll be surrounded by wild animals on safari, and the next you’ll be lying on a pristine beach.

During the dreary winter months one can’t help but think ‘bring on summer’ but if you can’t wait for it, don’t!

Have you got a trip planned? Would love to hear what you think!

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