Developing The Imagination Of Children

Creativity and imagination are essential skills in everyday life. They are the key to help you solve most problems and to keep yourself entertained for hours. But, like most skills, they don’t appear by magic. You need to train for them, and that training begins in the childhood years. It’s your role and the role of the school to bring your child onto the path of creative thinking in order to help them make the most of their future life. Creativity is the secret to finding ideas, exploring thoughts, and solving everyday problems from pragmatic ones such as how to decorate the new bedroom, to more complex issues in your work and social life. Contrary to the common belief, there is more to creative minds than the ability to craft beautiful objects. Creativity teaches your child to think and to make up their own mind on a variety of issues.


Create Fun And Engaging Time

Creativity starts as a parent in the way you choose to organise spare time. In a time when it seems so easy to turn the TV on and pop the kids in front of the moving pictures, it becomes important to engage with your children in a different type of fun. Why not plan a day out with the family, such as a horse riding afternoon or a day in the forest? This helps to develop a different relationship with the outdoors world and to find on about new activities. Outdoors activities are great to release energy and soothe all the stress accumulated during the week at school, or at work.

At School: A Place For Creativity

Creativity is not your job only. Your child will develop a sense of creative playing at school via the building of social interactions with his or her schoolmates. It’s important for the school to have modern playground equipment, such as the Key Stage 1 school playground equipment from Kompan for example, that promotes role playing, imagination, and sensory skills. Additionally, there is more than what happens in the playground at school. The interaction with the teachers and the way teachers can help to engage children with their subjects is part of your child’s development. It’s important for children to create a trust relationship with their teachers – at least when they are still young – as this helps them to stay motivated and discover new ways of thinking about problems.


Helpful Presents To Keep Them Dreaming

Finally, children need exciting toys. But the definition of excitement needs to go back to what you found exciting when you were a child yourself. In short, stay away from digital tablets, as they limit the social skills and imagination when children are young. But picking inspiring books to read is a positive way to create new paths for their imagination and to send them to the discovery of new worlds. When you choose books, stick to the appropriate age range, to keep your children motivated without introducing them to topics that would be not children-friendly.

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