Three Reasons Diamonds Are Still the Best Gift for the Lady In Your Life

It’s been a very, very long time since Marilyn Monroe sang that diamonds were a girl’s best friend, and in the time that has passed, many women might say that nowadays, they’d rather their husband or boyfriend bought them a Marc Jacobs bag, an iPad or a PS4 than jewelry. However, there are several reasons why diamonds are still one of the best gifts you can give or receive, and really do trump any new tech when it comes to the gift giving ‘wow’ factor.

Here are three reasons why, if you are stuck for what to buy the special woman in your life, diamonds like the beautiful pieces available from Ascot Diamonds, are still the number one choice:


They’re Forever

Without wanting to quote another song, diamonds really are forever. They are one of the hardest substances on Earth, and that means well set diamond jewelry will not only last her a lifetime, but can also be passed down for generations. If you want something that she will look at again and again for the rest of her days and know how much you love her, then an iPad Air isn’t going to do the job. A beautiful piece of diamond jewelry, however, will. It can be worn for all the special moments in her life and even be passed down to your children or grandchildren when the time is right, and you just don’t get that kind of sentimental value from anything else.

They’re Surprising

Often when couples have been together for a while, the present buying can get a bit predictable. She knows you need a new electric razor, and there, on Christmas morning, is your new electric razor. She dropped hints about needing a new phone, you got her the model she wanted. That’s all well and good, but it doesn’t really speak of fun and romance. No woman has ever said to her husband that she wants diamond earrings for Christmas, but secretly, a whole lot of us would much rather have those than the thing we actually asked for. Buy diamonds and you can see her delight as she opens them and sees what you chose for her.

They Need to Be Worn

Another reason women love getting diamonds, is that diamonds pretty much demand to be worn. So that means they come with the promise of going out on some pretty special date nights. OK, you may not be actually planning anything, but it feels like you are. Diamonds make women feel glamorous and beautiful, and like they will be taken out to luxurious places. Of course, if you never do actually go anywhere where bling fits in then maybe something more subtle like diamond studs or a delicate pendant is a better choice, but diamonds as a gift do carry certain connotations that will make her feel special.

So there you have it, if you are torn between buying your partner a new vacuum cleaner or diamonds, buy the diamonds, even if she says she really wants the latest Dyson!


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