Diet Chef | Week 1

No excuses.

Chloe is now 8 months old – I need to drop a few lot of pounds! I managed my weight much better in my second pregnancy and wore my normal jeans throughout the pregnancy. I was back to the weight I was before I had Chloe after 4 weeks. However, I had still never lost all of the weight I gained in my first pregnancy with Max. So I’ve been stuck in a three stone over weight rut for three years now. Something had to give.

I had seen adverts about Diet Chef on the TV and didn’t think much of it. I was then offered the chance to try it out and after looking into it, it sounded like it would work for me – I do much better when I am just told what to do!

Here is how I have got on after a week of doing the diet:

I lost: *drumroll* 9lbs!!!! I’m amazed and really pleased. I know every week won’t be like that.

I expected that I would be hungry. This was true for the first two or three days. I feel totally fine now and I know it is because my body was just getting use to eating less – which can only be good thing. I found that because I was use to having such a big breakfast (my favourite meal of the day) I was struggling to get to lunchtime without feeling hungry. But what I have found works for me, is having some fruit with my breakfast (you are encouraged to have fruit or veg with each meal to get your five a day) and then drink lots of water. If I still feel like something then I either have my snack mid-morning, or have a dinner option for my lunch, if that makes sense. The lunches are lighter, designed for being busy or on the go but sometimes I have that option for dinner instead. Just  see how I feel and depends if I’m at home or not.

I’ve noticed how much I would snack. I really have noticed how much I would just aimlessly snack. Just wander into the kitchen and open the fridge. I am so conscious of it now because I ‘can’t’ eat those things and how it was such a habit to just randomly eat. I don’t feel hungry for the snacks so when this is all over, I know that it is a behaviour I should be able to maintain. I don’t need snacks!

I expected the food to taste rubbish. As someone that has dabbled in different diet forms before (SlimFast etc), I assumed the food would be quite bland and tasteless. I was very wrong. I like to think I’m quite a foodie (look at the size of me) and I like good food. I can honestly say each thing I have had tastes really good. The food is really varied too. I’ve had carbonara, lasagne, sweet and sour chicken and curries – not boring or what you would normally consider ‘diet food’ at all. Checking the ingredients too, I have found that they all contain ‘real’ food (other than a protein shake, but you don’t have to choose that as an option). I always go by the rule of ‘don’t eat anything you can’t pronounce’ and hey, I can pronounce. You can choose which meals you want when you order so if there are things you don’t like, simple don’t pick them. There is a big variety to choose from.

It is really easy. The breakfasts are quick and easy, things like porridge, museli or a cereal bar type of thing. The lunches are soup you just heat up or noodles you just need to add water to. The dinners you simply heat up – it couldn’t be easier. With a hubby that doesn’t need, or want to, lose weight, it us also nice that I know I won’t be in the kitchen making lots of different meals. One for our baby daughter, for my son and hubby and then for myself. As everything I eat is really quick, it means I can just get their dinner made which is a big help.

Love that dinner can be on the go! Easy Peasy.
Chocolate cookie for breakfast. Oh go on then!


I can really say that I am enjoying this so far. It is so motivating when you step on the scales and you can actually see the numbers going down for a change. Here goes week 2…

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*I have been gifted a four week supply of Diet Chef for an honest review. All thoughts and words are my own. If you want to give it a go, use the discount code MYAHGDGD to get £10 off your order (valid on orders of £190 or more).

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  • I’ve often wondered about the foods you get with a diet plan, and it sounds like diet chef has good food and is easy to prepare. I too am a random snacker, so I’m trying very hard not to keep anything sweet in the fridge – a nice yoghurt is definitely a healthier option.

  • I’m really interested in Diet Chef after hearing so many good things. I’ve actually lost pretty much all of my baby weight now (was not at easy after baby number 3!). I do struggle with the last few lbs though and I think it is most certainly my diet letting me down. Might see if they have any New Year offers!!

  • Hmm this diet does look attractive. Like you my baby is now 8 months and I still have a few stones to lose after already losing 2. This would definitely kick start me. Thanks for sharing.

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  • Ooh exciting! I’ve been watching you baby me mummy’s progress with interest and she’s totally loving it and it’s going well, so I recon you’ll do great! And hey, what an amazing start – 9 lbs! I would love to lose that!!! xx

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