Diet Chef | Week 3

So it has been three weeks since I have been doing the Diet Chef diet.

  • After weighing in this morning I have lost another 3lbs (that is 15lbs in three weeks). I’m really pleased to have hit the 14lb, stone, mark!


  • This week has been tricky with so many festive things around ( I may have had one or two mince pies) but other than that I’ve been good. I need to remember to drink more water though, particularly when I feel hungry, as more often than not, I will just be thirsty.


  • I feel like I am out of snacking mode though and don’t find myself just wandering to the fridge or cupboard like I did in the first week. I want to keep this habit up when I’m back to doing my own healthy eating plan.


  • I have also found that as I am getting towards the end of my meal plan, I only have a few options left. One thing I would recommend to others is to only choose the food that you really want. When I was choosing the food when I ordered, I picked like one of everything, which now I don’t think was such a wise idea. The meals I have left were ones that I wasn’t that fussed about eating at the start so now dinner time isn’t as exciting. Other than that though I am still enjoying it, feeling good and am very motivated.


Pasta Carbonara Dinner
Chocolate Protein Milkshake – yum!

I am quite anxious about how Christmas Day and Boxing Day will be coming up. I think I will be naughty and have Christmas dinner but just be sensible and not have duck fat roast potatoes or gravy etc. Everyone I will be around knows I’m on the diet so hopefully they will be kind and not shove too many chocolates in my face!

Here goes my final week…

Rebecca x

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*I have been gifted a four week supply of Diet Chef for an honest review. All thoughts and words are my own. If you want to give it a go, use the discount code MYAHGDGD to get £10 off your order (valid on orders of £190 or more).

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