First Two Weeks Of Diet Chef: Is It Working For Weight Loss?

I have been stuck in a rut in terms of weight loss for a while now. Like, terrible. I have been so busy with work, the kids, and just life in general, that I have really neglected time for myself and eating well. Having said that, I haven’t put on weight for a while now; maintained. Which is better than gaining. But it is high time I get my butt into gear and shift the weight that I so desperately need to. Since being diagnosed with PCOS, it has been an uphill journey.

I do much better with weight loss when I am told what to do. Give me a meal plan to follow and it is much easier. So a diet like Diet Chef works really well for me, as the meals are all given to you and it means you are able to know what you’re eating each day and you don’t have to think about it. I started doing Diet Chef two weeks ago now and here is how I have been getting on:

Here is how I have got on after a week of doing the diet:

a breakfast option – muesli, coconut yoghurt, and blueberries

Weight Loss

After a week I lost 5lbs, and after two weeks I have lost 3lbs. Really pleased with over half a stone off in two weeks. I know the rest of the weeks may not be as high but I’m really pleased with the results so far.

How Is It Going?

  • I expected that I would be hungry. This was true for the first two or three days. I feel totally fine now and I know it is because my body was just getting use to eating less – which can only be good thing. I found that because I was use to having such a big breakfast (my favourite meal of the day) I was struggling to get to lunchtime without feeling hungry. But what I have found works for me, is having some fruit with my breakfast (you are encouraged to have fruit or veg with each meal to get your five a day) and then drink lots of water. If I still feel like something then I either have my snack mid-morning, or have a dinner option for my lunch, if that makes sense. The lunches are lighter, designed for being busy or on the go but sometimes I have that option for dinner instead. Just  see how I feel and depends if I’m at home or not.
  • I’ve noticed how much I would snack. I really have noticed how much I would just aimlessly snack. Just wander into the kitchen and open the fridge. I am so conscious of it now because I ‘can’t’ eat those things and how it was such a habit to just randomly eat. I don’t feel hungry for the snacks so when this is all over, I know that it is a behaviour I should be able to maintain. I don’t need snacks!
chicken curry
  • I expected the food to taste rubbish. As someone that has dabbled in different diet forms before, I assumed the food would be quite bland and tasteless. I was very wrong. I like to think I’m quite a foodie (look at the size of me) and I like good food. I can honestly say each thing I have had tastes really good. The food is really varied too. I’ve had carbonara, lasagne, sweet and sour chicken and curries – not boring or what you would normally consider ‘diet food’ at all. Checking the ingredients too, I have found that they all contain ‘real’ food (other than a protein shake, but you don’t have to choose that as an option). You can choose which meals you want when you order so if there are things you don’t like, simple don’t pick them. There is a big variety to choose from.
  • It is really easy. The breakfasts are quick and easy, things like porridge, museli or a cereal bar type of thing. The lunches are soup you just heat up or noodles you just need to add water to. The dinners you simply heat up – it couldn’t be easier. With a hubby that doesn’t need, or want to, lose weight, it us also nice that I know I won’t be in the kitchen making lots of different meals. One for our baby daughter, for my son and hubby and then for myself. As everything I eat is really quick, it means I can just get their dinner made which is a big help.

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All in all I am really pleased with it and would recommend Diet Chef completely if you are looking to lose weight. At the moment, they even have £100 off your first month, so a good incentive if you want to get started.

Have you ever done a similar diet before? I know the proof will be if it stays off. So we shall see!

Rebecca x*the Diet Chef meals have been gifted in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    • True you could replicate some of the diet meal plans at home and cook from scratch 🙂 this is just a super quick and easy alternative

  • It’s encouraging to see the weight loss you’ve had in a couple of weeks. I’m 55 and retired but making meals from scratch still isn’t an option every day. I have Fibromyalgia, and other chronic condition, so there are many days when I’m literally too tired to even think about cooking. I’ve started Diet Chef today so let’s see how I get on. I expect to feel hungry for a couple of days, but I have a lot of weight to lose so can add those extra 300 calories and eat plenty of veg. I’m also vegetarian so haven’t the choice of every meal option.

  • Great post! I’m currently at my weight loss journey as well – although I try to keep myself relatively skinny throughout the year, so it’s only just for a few periods! Thanks for being such a great motivation though:)