Dining Habits in 2050: What’s Going to Change?

If you compare what we eat nowadays to our dietary habits of 30 years ago, you’ll likely notice some significant changes. Fast food is, for example, more prevalent now than ever before! Yes – it’s always been there – but the internet made home delivery possible for many cuisines.

Various studies have been undertaken into how our dietary landscape is likely to look in the decades to come. We might not know what’s going to be on our plates in 2050, but recent surveys are still very eye-opening! Let’s take a look at what you’ll likely expect in the next 30 years.

Food Technology Innovation is the Future

There are no two ways about it. Technological innovation will likely dictate what we’re eating by 2050, and a recent study from Betway Online Casino confirms it. Their results make for some mind-boggling reading.

For starters, it looks as though traditional farming for meat, eggs and dairy will phase out. As more of the world moves towards conscious dietary choice (such as veganism), this likely won’t be surprising. Meat substitution made from plant sources will take centre stage. Believe it or not, so will oat milk and plant-based egg dishes.

You may also have heard of lab-grown meat. This concept, while controversial in some ways, will strive to reduce animal slaughter. It’s thought that we will have technology innovative and widespread enough to grow burgers from scratch! That’s excellent news for both animal lovers and meat-eaters, as the aim is to retain the flavours.

What’s incredibly interesting about this new survey is that greener eating seems to be on the cards. After decades of pumping up the sugar, it seems that a world of increasingly obese people may change their habits.

Why All These Changes?

It’s not just to do with the obesity crisis nor the rise of conscious veganism. It’s just as much to do with environmental protection. Agriculture and animal slaughter are doing severe damage to our planet. To reduce carbon emissions, we must rethink the way we produce and consume our food.

With governments across the world making promises regarding emissions and green energy, the environment is in focus. What’s more, young people – Generation Z – are genuinely keen, on mass, to actually help preserve the planet. Decades of complacency and inaction may finally give way to conscious attempts to repair the damage we’ve done.

What we eat, therefore, is likely to get greener, and hopefully, more sustainable. The idea of lab-grown meat is very appealing. However, it needs additional research. In 30 years, it may likely be second nature to eat a healthier steak created in a laboratory. That sounds more than a little strange in the here and now, but the technology is emerging.

Don’t worry. It’s unlikely that you’ll lose access to your favourite foods. However, it’s clear that now is the time to embrace change. Can we change our dietary choices now to help welcome these new menu choices?

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