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I still kind of pinch myself that I live so close to London, even now after living ‘down south’ for 11 years. Growing up in Yorkshire, going to London was such a special event as a family, or would be a place for longer school trips. So it still feels kind of surreal. But one of the things that we’d do when visiting as a family, as well as on school trips, was to see a show. The West End is the best and it is still one of my favourite things to do.

Last week we were invited by ExperienceDays.co.uk to try out one of their experiences. They have a wide range of things to choose from, like water sports, skydiving, cooking lessons, and afternoon teas. But when I saw they that have dinner and theatre experiences, I knew that was one that we had to try.

The site is really simple and straightforward to use, and for this experience in particular, London Deluxe Theatre Show and Dinner for Two, was clear and laid out exactly what was on offer. You can choose from a selection of shows, as well as the restaurants that work with them, and then go from there. We chose to see Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, as the reviews have been fantastic, and chose to eat at Wildwood, an Italian restaurant in Covent Garden. Because of the location of the theatres, the restaurants are all close by, so you have plenty of time to eat before, and then make your way to the theatre afterwards.

The food at Wildwood was great, though because of the theatre package, you do eat off a different menu than normal. It was a two course meal though, and we both went with starters and mains.

The only thing I would say about this is that the restaurant weren’t too clued up on what this dining package was, and our table wasn’t even listed on their reservations. So there were a couple of people that came to the table to see the conformation email. The manager then came to speak to us and knew what we were talking about, so we did get there eventually. Just little things like not knowing if drinks were included or not was a little confusing, as I didn’t know, and neither did the manager. I’m sure it is just down to lack of experience with this, so hopefully this should improve with time. Plus, make sure that you have your confirmation printed out; they need that for ‘payment.’

love the decor of these older London theatres!

We then made out way to the theatre show, and picked up our tickets at the box office. That was really simple and straightforward and the tickets were right there waiting for us. You never know with this kind of booking what the seats will be like; on the website they are just advertised as seats in the stalls. But I was blown away by just how close we were to the stage, only a few rows back. It was the perfect spot, and felt like we were really in on the action. So I was really impressed by that.

The show itself was brilliant. Pretty light-hearted and humorous, it has some touching moments too. The cast was fantastic, with amazing singing voices. I had known about Layton Williams (playing Jamie), form watching ‘Bad Education’ on Netflix, so it was good to see some more versatility from him. Faye Tozer from Steps was also in the cast, as well as former soap star, Bill Ward.

images from: https://www.everybodystalkingaboutjamie.co.uk/media – we were sat much closer than these though!

I was really impressed with it all, and the story and message is an important one, that comes through the humour, even though the subject matter is something I know very little about. Plus, with it being set in Sheffield, I felt right at home hearing all of the cast put on a Yorkshire accent; love it. I would definitely recommend seeing Jamie.

Our evening out was really good all in all, and the piece de resistance had to be the show. If you are planning a trip down to London, then it can be a great way to book dinner and show, as it is all taken care of for you. The cost of the package we had was £149, which for a two course dinner and a west end show for two, is pretty good value; it means the meal is practically free. Experience Days do a whole host of other things too, so can be a good idea to look when buying a gift, as all different budgets are catered for.

Have you seen Everybody’s Talking About Jamie or used Experience Days before? It would be great to hear what you think.

*this is a collaborative post. All opinions are my own.

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