Feeling Fancy in a Disney Princess Dress

DSC_0070I don’t think you can think of Christmas or Christmas parties without a bit of sparkle. Never has that been more true than when it comes to girl’s party dresses. There is so much sparkle and glitz around and I love it. House of Fraser have a stunning new range of Disney Princess dresses that are far from fancy dress. They have a nod to your classic princesses like Cinderella, Snow White, Belle and Aurora, to name a few. So when Chloe had the chance to get one, she was so excited.

This girl loves trains, cars and sitting in mud as much as the next toddler. But when the dress arrived she kept hugging it and telling me how pretty it was. She has asked to wear it several times too “pretty dress mummy”? So it has got her seal of approval for sure. We chose the Cinderella inspired dress as it comes in blue.

It was hard to choose which design to go for as they are all beautiful. They’d make great party dresses or even bridesmaids dresses, as they are just a little bit fancy. The Belle dress is gold, the Jasmine dress is rose, Snow White is red, Elsa light blue, for example.


The dress has some gorgeous little touches on it too, like the hem, and waistband. I love that it has a little shoe and a ‘C’ pendant. Perfect for Cinderella and Chloe. I love that it comes with it’s very own fancy padded Disney hanger. Makes it a really special purchase for sure. The dresses range from £35 – £50 so it would be for a special occasion or a dress to get out for parties. The quality is really good though, so for me, I think it is really worth it. If you have a houseful of girls it could just get passed on and on too. So I think you’d definitely get your money’s worth.




If your little one (or indeed you) want to find out which Disney Princess you are, then you could take this little quiz below. Not ashamed to say I am most like Cinderella. So it seems this dress was a good choice all around!

If you take the quiz I’d love to know your result! It is just a bit of fun and well, who doesn’t like Disney?! I think these dresses would make a fab gift for Christmas. If the recipient reacted like Chloe did when she opened hers, it would just be priceless.



*the dress was gifted in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

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