Attractive Ways To Display Your Trinkets At Home

Collectors love to display their collections or trinkets. Not only does it give them pleasure every time they walk into a room and see all of the action figures or other toys they’ve amassed, it gives them a chance to show their collection off to friends and family.

But how should you display your collections? Like displaying any type of art, there are some things you should consider when you are putting together a display: you need to think about the lighting, the overall feel of the room that you house your collection in and how big that collection is in the first place. So whether you just have a Pixel Pal you want to show off or an entire collection of 20th-century action figures, here’s a few options you can think about when starting a display.


Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a basic display idea that is easy to install and can still show off your collectables. They are great for small areas and they look good because they don’t use ugly brackets to hold to the wall.

Floating shelves anchor directly to the wall, either with screw anchors that allow you to hang the shelves onto the drywall, or into the wall studs themselves. If your collection is at all heavy, then you may want to make sure to screw them directly into the studs for maximum support.

These shelves are great because they display your collectables in the open, which allows you to handle them whenever you want to, whether to show them off or to rearrange them. They are a simple, yet aesthetic, way to show off your collection and you can even paint them any color you want.


If you aren’t handy enough to hang floating shelves, or if you have plenty of room that you think floating shelves would be a little lost, you can always use a bookshelf for your display.

Try to find a bookshelf that will allow you display your collection however you want, meaning that you should think about whether you want to display them in the box or out of the box. Bookselhves come in all different varieties of sizes, shapes and colors, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding one that matches your tastes.

Glass Cases

If you really want to wow your friends, going with a glass display case may be your best bet. These cases look very professional and protect your collection because they are fully enclosed. You can even find some with locks on them.

A glass case just makes it look like you care about your collection. You can add accent lighting as well to really make your collectables pop. The best part is that glass cases allow you to view your collection from different angles, so you never need to get them out to handle them unless you want to. Choosing a display for your collection can be tough, but think about these ideas when you’re ready.

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