DIY Disasters – Have You Had Any?

Have you ever had any DIY disasters in your home? Or are you a bit of a pro? I grew up in a home where my dad could fix anything. If he wasn’t able to fix it, then it must have been really broken. So I picked up a few things along the way, or so I thought…

Cue several years later when I am married and buying a house all of our own. Having rented furnished properties before then, there wasn’t a lot for us to do. Couldn’t pit pictures on the walls. Didn’t need to assemble furniture. Move on a few more years…


You can picture the scene. You finally have a home all of your own. You have renovated and redecorated the whole place. Next thing is making  it your own. So little trinkets and accessories are being bought. Not forgetting picture frames and getting lots of lovely prints and photographs printed so you can display. Then I made one of the biggest discoveries of my life; nailing a hole in the wall is much harder than you think! Then if it is a picture that needs more than one nail for it to hang, getting it straight is a whole other issue. Hanging pictures is hard!

Then when we had the kids, we chose furniture for their rooms that wasn’t the most expensive shall we say, and consisted of us needing to put it all together. Being the strong willed person that I am, I liked to get it all done as soon as it arrived. Plus, the husband and I stress each other out when we attempt it together.

Most of the time I haven’t had a problem with flat pack, though. Until recently. I was trying to put together a storage unit for my son. It was just a disaster. It can store things, don’t get me wrong, but if you try and move it, well, just don’t! Things weren’t where they were meant to be in the instructions… So we have just had to make do with it for now. I know people joke about flat pack furniture but it is nightmare. Around a quarter of us abandon our flat pack furniture before completion. The younger ones among us (hopefully that means me), rarely even read the instructions. So that might be one of the reasons why they are so difficult (I did read the instructions, though).

So have you got any funny stories to share of putting together flat pack furniture? At least we’re making memories…


*collaboration with Oak Furniture UK.

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