DIY Furniture Tweaks: What You Can Fix Yourself

It is frustrating when a favourite piece of furniture suffers from wear and tear and you think that it may have come to the end of its useful life. If you have broken table legs or some chips and knocks that are unsightly, it may not be the end of the road for your furniture, as a bit of DIY could soon give you back the furniture you love and can save you money too.

Don’t give up on loose joints

In a large number of cases, you shouldn’t give up on your furniture simply because the leg joints have become worn, loose or damaged. A loose joint can often be re-glued very effectively. It is important to remember that the way your piece of furniture looks and functions is heavily dependent on the quality of material used and how well it has been constructed in the first place.

If you have a budget piece of furniture that was not particularly well manufactured in the first instance and is not made from sturdy quality materials, there will be limitations to what you can do. If however, you are attempting to repair a good quality and well-made piece of furniture that is just suffering from some wear and tear, there is every chance that a few basic repair techniques will work wonders.


If your furniture has loose joints, gluing may do the trick. If the joint is broken, you will probably have to dissemble it and replace the dowels, maybe even using an angle brace to hold everything together firmly.

A split seat can often be repaired

It is understandable that you may think that your chair is beyond repair, if the seat has split. With a bit of DIY knowledge and skill that many of us should be able to accomplish, it should be possible to repair a split chair using a series of dowels that are glued at uniform spaces of about four inches apart, then held together using a clamp, until the glue has completely cured.

Performing a scratch makeover

If you want to cover up some scratches on your wooden furniture, you will probably be surprised to learn that a shelled walnut could help you give your furniture a scratch makeover. How somebody first discovered that a walnut could be so effective in removing minor dings and scratches is a good question, but the main thing is that rubbing a scratched wooden item with a walnut does work.

Change the look of your furniture

It may well be that some DIY tasks might seem a bit daunting, such as re-upholstering your furniture. If you want a new look and don’t like the idea of replacing your sofa for example, one way of transforming the piece is to add some decorative touches. Studded furniture is trending and armed with a pair of pliers and a mallet, you might be able to add some inexpensive additions to your existing furniture, that instantly gives it an expensive and new look.

There are loads of DIY jobs you should be able to tackle, so don’t throw out your old furniture, without at least seeing how you can give it a new lease of life.


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