Do Your Front Door a Favour

There are some things that you just need in your home, because they serve a practical purpose. Where would be be without a washing machine, right? But the good news is that some of the things that we need in our home serve us a practical purpose, but also serve as something that helps the home to look good, or be a bit of a talking point. And one of those things I am talking about, is doormats. They serve a really practical purpose, but when you choose the right one, it can help to add some personality and style into the home.

Red Candy have an amazing range of doormats with all different colours and styles, from something more traditional to something a little more quirky. I wanted to get one for our back door, as we had an extension done, so have a large door space, but walking straight onto the tile flooring has left dirt, marks, mud, and grass. And when I saw the Hello Goodbye doormat, I knew that it was the one for us. It is fun, quirky, and the kids have quite enjoyed saying hello or goodbye to the mat as they walk in and out, ha.

Hello Goodbye Doormat – currently £17.10

The mat is really good quality, and have been really pleased with it so far. We use this door quite a lot for getting out into the garden, putting the bins out, taking out the waste food to the compost, and getting to the shed, so each day it has been getting a lot of use. I was most keen of it to be a place that contains the dirt, grime, and grass, rather than them being trailed around the tiles, and this has really worked. I then just make sure that I clean the mat as and when, it has been easy to clean too.

It has been ticking all the boxes, and I think that the price is completely reasonable too; what is not to love?

The Hello Goodbye mat was the one that I chose, but there were a few others that I had my eye on, that included:

Bloc Colour Doormat – £18 // No Riff-Raff – £17.91

Zebra Stripes – £17.91 // Bonjour Stripes – £18

Hello Doormat – £17.10 //Watermelon Doormat – £18

Do any of these take your fancy? It would be great to hear what you think.

*this is a collaborative post, but all words and opinions are my own.

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