Does ultrasonic pest control work on Rats?

Rats are not something you want in your home and yet, there are millions of rats across the country; In fact, there are an estimated 500 million rats in Sydney alone! 

Most of the time you don’t see the rats, but that doesn’t mean they’re not there or causing damage to your home. Getting rid of them is not always easy, that’s why you need to speak to your local exterminators and get professional, help and advice to eliminate the issue for good.

In trying as many different solutions as possible, you’ve probably come across ultrasonic pest control devices. But, the question is whether these devices really work, or not. 

How Ultrasonic Sound Works

An ultrasonic device needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet for it to work. Once plugged in it emits a high-frequency radio wave, you won’t be able to hear it as the sound is much higher than a human can hear. 

A young person will hear sounds between 20-20,000Hz, a middle-aged person will hear sounds between 12-14,000 Hz. The ultrasonic device emits sounds as 65,000 Hz because animals and insects hear sounds in the higher frequency ranges.

According to manufacturers, this is the right sound level to scare a wide variety of pests away.

The Effect On Rats

The ultrasonic sound wave will bother your rats. In other words, the rats will be deterred from entering the area where you have placed the ultrasonic device. But, this is not the most effective long-term solution. 

Rats and mice are incredibly adaptable. This means they will surprisingly quickly learn to avoid the area where the ultrasonic waves are. It doesn’t mean they’ll vacate your house, they’ll simply adapt their patterns to make sure they don’t hear the sound.

That means you’re going to need to keep moving the ultrasonic device in order to confuse your rats and make it more effective. This could be an issue if there is no powerpoint where you’ve moved it to.

Alternative Methods

It’s a good idea to find out more from your local pest control expert regarding the most effective techniques in your area.  But, there are some obvious steps you can take to help keep the rats away:

Use Metal

Rats can chew through almost any material but not metal. If you find gaps n your home and are sure that a rat can fit through then consider using sheet metal to repair it. This will prevent the rats from getting in or out. 

If you’re looking at a hole rather than a longer piece to repair then try using steel wool. This is effective and, again, rats can’t gnaw their way through this.

Keep It Clean

Rats need water and food to survive. If you remove all water sources from inside and outside your home you’re going to make it less appealing to your rat friends. In addition, keeping food in containers and making sure all surfaces are wiped and disinfected regularly, will help to ensure that the rats don’t find your home appealing. Prevention is definitely better than cure.  

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