Does underfloor heating increase the value of a property?

Why it appeals to buyers

Underfloor heating is becoming more and more common, and it’s something that really attracts buyers to a property.

Are you thinking about installing underfloor heating in your home? Then you can look forward to a more profitable house sale in the future! As a leading underfloor heating company,we know why so many buyers place such value on it.

An investment for the future

Installing underfloor heating in your home is a great investment in the short term. It has a wide range of benefits – and even on a superficial level, it allows you to improve the appearance of your home by eliminating radiators. What you might not realise though, is that having underfloor heating could give you a great advantage if you decide to sell your home. Even if you aren’t planning to do so right now, you’ll be pleased to know that underfloor heating can add to a property’s value. So, what is it that makes it so appealing to buyers? 

Energy efficiency

Underfloor heating is an energy efficient alternative to radiators. Both wet and electric systems provide heating from the floor up, delivering warmth much more evenly. Radiators need to be heated to 65-75 °C to heat up a room effectively. In comparison, underfloor heating can be run at 29°C or less and deliver great results. This consumes much less energy, making it an attractive prospect for environmentally conscious buyers. Underfloor heating works very well in combination with renewable energy sources such as heat pumps too – which could be a further investment you make for your property. 

A more even heat

As underfloor heating heats a room from the ground up, and that heat is spread across the entire space, therefore it heats a home much more effectively. Buyers really value comfort, and underfloor heating makes a home much more pleasant to spend time in – which is what anyone wants from a property. If you are trying to sell your home during the colder months, you could have your underfloor heating turned on during viewings to demonstrate just how well it warms a room. Potential buyers are sure to be impressed! 

Lower bills

We are all having to deal with higher bills right now, and buying a home comes with the prospect of a big squeeze on someone’s finances. Underfloor heating is a great selling point in this regard. As you need to use a lot less energy to heat a home effectively, your bills will be smaller as a result. How much a homeowner can save will depend on a number of factors, such as the kind of underfloor heating they have and the size of their property – but it has been proven to be cheaper than radiator heating in the majority of cases. 

Shop with us

If you are going to change the heating setup in your property, then you will want to shop with a reputable underfloor heating company. We stock both electric and wet underfloor heating products and are here to answer any questions that you may have about installation and operation. With both you and future residents of your home set to benefit in a number of ways, making the change seems like an obvious choice!

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  • Yes, underfloor heating provides numerous benefits, including cleaner air, no cold drafts, no unsightly ductwork, and no floor vents, all while being quieter and more energy-efficient compared to forced-air heat.