Does Your Home Feel Like It’s Someone Else’s?

Does your home look like it has been plucked from a glossy magazine or catalogue? This can easily occur, as we take inspiration from such brochures and booklets without even realising it. You want your home to look exactly like that – your home. If your property currently looks like it is from an interior design magazine, rather than being your own abode, read on for some top tips on how to rectify the issue:

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  • Don’t be afraid to take things out of your home – When it comes to redecorating our homes, we often tend to add more things into the picture. We look for ornaments or pieces of wall art that will add some style to our home. However, you can often make a bigger impact by taking something away.
  • Leave bookshelves to books – Lately, there seems to be a trend for using bookshelves to display a mixture of objects and art. Unfortunately, nothing looks more staged than this. Why not leave bookshelves to their primary purpose? Storing books! After all, nothing adds your own personal touch to a property more than showing off your tastes and interests, which is exactly what your collection of books will do.
  • Seek professional assistance – There are companies that can help you to make the most of your home with luxury design and renovation projects, whether you want to know how to tile your bathroom and kitchen or you need new doors installed. These companies get to know you; your wants and your taste, and they put together projects based on this. They don’t go for the bog-standard approach that is found in interior design magazines; they listen to you and use their professional expertise to help you express yourself through interior design.
  • Take your time – You aren’t going to be able to create the perfect home overnight. If you try and buy everything for your home within a few days, you will create that ‘catalogue’ feel because instead of choosing the things you really like, you will have opted for things that are in style at present instead.
  • Don’t overthink it – Nowadays, there are so many interior rules, trends, and approaches. It is easy to see why you would feel overwhelmed. This leads us to overthink things. Can we put this vase with that table? Is this print acceptable alongside this fabric? At the end of the day, there are no rules when it comes to your home. You can have it exactly how you want it, so don’t feel like you are restricted.
  • Always be collecting – On a final note, this leads on from the earlier point about taking your time. If you want to take your home away from the interior magazine feel it has at present, you should make sure that you are always collecting. Whenever there is a flea market or antiques fair, attend it. You will achieve a much more unique vibe in your home if you branch out from merely visiting bog standard homeware stores.

Follow the six tips mentioned above and give your home a makeover that takes it away from the catalogue feel, which is a problem so many properties suffer from today.

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