Don’t Let The Freezing Weather Make You Unwell: Food To Keep Your Mind And Your Body Healthy

2017 has started with freezing wintry showers, and there are serious indications that they are not over! For everyone, this is a call for comfort food and healthy vitamins to boost your immune system. For women with PCOS this may not be as easy as it is for everyone else. Comfort food is exactly the type of food that will cause inflammations and increase the level of insulin in the blood. There is no way that this will make you feel better! So how can you protect your body from the cold temperatures and keep yourself healthy with PCOS? Here are three little tips to consider.


The Importance Of Calcium

People with diabetes II and women suffering from PCOS have one thing in common: They are resistant to insulin. Their bodies, unfortunately, don’t make the most effective use of insulin, and consequently, they can’t convert sugar into glucose easily, and they also experience very high level of insulin in the blood. High levels of insulin are directly linked to high blood pressure. In short, things don’t look too good here! But, it has been proven that calcium has a positive impact on the release of insulin and that in combination with vitamin D, it can gradually help the body to get back to a normal insulin release.

While this sounds like great news, there is naturally a problem with it: Women with PCOS will often need to reduce their dairy intake as this can cause serious inflammations. Consequently, there may be a way out by looking at calcium supplements, such as AlgaeCal, which is a natural algae rich in calcium. You can find helpful and honest AlgaeCal reviews online to compare the different ways of using this supplement, for example. However, discuss it with your GP before ordering as this doesn’t replace any medication.


Reduce Carbs For a Healthier Life

Foods rich in carb can cause inflammations and are more difficult to process for the body if you have PCOS. This is no surprise that most women with PCOS suffer from weight issues, when the body can’t process nutrients effectively. Best diet plans agree on one thing: You will need to reduce your carb intake, or to combine it with foods with protein or fat to slow down the absorption of carb by the body. Turning towards a whole food diet will still bring some carb to your plate but will help reduce your sugar intake and regulate your insulin level. Additionally, whole grain foods are more satisfying as it keeps you feeling full for longer! So, say yes to brown bread and feel instantly healthy and happier about your meal!

Don’t Forget Your Vitamin Boost

PCOS diets have a lot of vegetables and fresh fruits in common. While they bring plenty of vitamins to your body, they also work in combination with your calcium intake to regulate the insulin level in your blood. But let’s not forget, it’s winter! If you want to stay healthy throughout the cold season, you will need to boost your immune system with smart vitamin supplements, such as the indispensable vitamin C and vitamin D, and fight remedies to protect your body against the winter aches. Sore throat? Use a spoonful of delicious Manuka honey in a glass of lemon juice! This should do the trick and help your body feel better rapidly.


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