Dreaming of Adventures in Sweden

There are many incredible countries to visit in Europe, each of them has its own character and personality. Each of them has something unique to show its visitors. There are lots of European countries I would love to see. Some have fabulous cities with extraordinary architecture, and others, like Sweden, have miles and miles of untouched natural beauty to share.

Sweden is a beautiful little country with only a small population. It offers some of the most incredible terrains to explore. The natural environment is very important to the Swedish people. This might be why so much of their country has been left to nature. It can be wild and rugged. But all of it is beautiful. This is why it is such a popular destination for photographers all of the globe.

passport1The people of Sweden are considered to be amongst the most laid back in the world. Their easy-going nature makes holidays in Sweden a popular choice for lots of cultures. Sweden is also well known for its wildlife. Wolves, in particular, are very popular among the wildlife spotters who visit this part of the world. You can take a tour to hear their howls, and understand more about these magnificent beasts.

There are plenty of birds to hear in the forests too. But for a taste of the truly wild, you might want to take the opportunity to spot the roe deer too. For those who love some adventure, why not take a canoe and explore what the waters of Sweden have to offer you? For the arty adventurer, you can even try your hand at ice sculpting.

A winter holiday in Sweden offers you the chance to try out a snowmobile or even husky sledding. These exciting ways to travel can take you deep into the wilderness to experience what life is like the coldest of environments. I would love to see the Northern Lights, they look amazing with their shapes and swirls. How cool (see what I did there?), to track the local moose population, or even have a go at trekking on snowshoes.

Staying in a Swedish wood cabin gives you the ultimate flavour of this little country. You can’t beat the rustic charm of staying here. Come with friends or loved ones, and stay with strangers to experience the best of Swedish hospitality. The authentic home-made cuisine will warm you up after your exciting day in the snow.

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. This incredible city has a lot to offer every kind of traveller. If the snow isn’t for you, then you can still enjoy plenty of golfing and climbing in and around the city. You could do the ABBA walk through Stockholm, and find out more about this incredible pop group. You could also visit the Kungliga Slottet Royal Palace while in Stockholm.

Sweden offers holidaymakers and travellers plenty to see and do. If you love the outdoors, then this is one of the best countries to make the most of it, all year round. Whether you choose a city stop or a tour to find the Sami people, it sounds like you won’t be disappointed.

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