UK Driving Test Centre Statistics Uncovered

In today’s day and age it is practically inconceivable that one doesn’t have a driver’s licence or doesn’t know how to drive a car. It’s useful for work, holidays, travelling abroad and inevitably acting as a “taxi” service for your friends and family…

But the one thing standing in our way? The dreaded driving test. The UK driving test is somewhat of a scary experience for both young and old, because of the strict guidelines and the requirement for quite a serious financial investment. The lessons are expensive, but the test itself isn’t cheap. Especially if it takes you a few attempts to pass.

To make sure you’re fully prepared for the big day of the test, it’s best to have a bit of ‘side knowledge’; something that the books and instructors won’t teach you. So with some digging we learned a few curious facts which you might find scary or intriguing.

For instance, we discovered that 47.1% of UK test takers passed on their first attempt in 2017. This stat is both encouraging and worrying. Yes around half of people passed, but the other half wouldn’t have been so happy!

Another interesting statistic is that the pass rate is higher for men at 50.6% versus 43.9% for women. You’re also more likely to fail the test if you’re in a large city – like London – in comparison to being in a remote location like Orkey of the Isle of Skye. This makes sense since you have less to worry about on the roads and they’re much less busy. Or are the testers more lenient in these areas? We can’t know for sure.

You can learn more about it all here: UK Driving Test Centre Statistics Uncovered.

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