Driving the Dream

If you asked most people to reveal what their dream car to drive would be it is likely that many would reply with the name of a luxury brand like Lamborghini and Ferrari.

As someone who has managed to fulfill that dream and is the proud owner of a sports car that turns heads wherever you go, you will already know that the buying and selling process for these vehicles is not always that straightforward.

When the time comes to choose your next luxury model you might start to wonder who will buy my Lamborghini and how will I get the best price for it?

Here is a look at your selling options and some pointers on how to safely sell your car without being taken for a ride on price, in the quickest and easiest way possible.

Not like your average sale

It is worth reiterating that selling a luxury brand sports car isn’t like the average sale process for standard models and that is why you often have to be prepared to think outside of the box and consider your selling options carefully.

A shining example of how different it is would be when you look at the typical classified advertising scenario.

For many mainstream car sellers, the default option is to use some of the popular classified websites and list their vehicle, mainly because these services tend to be cheap or even let you advertise for free.

It seems straightforward enough to write out a description of your car, post some stunning pictures of your gleaming sports car and wait for the buyers to come to you with their cash.

However, when you are trying to sell an iconic brand like a Lamborghini, for instance, you could be attracting all sorts of unqualified inquiries from people who you have no idea are genuine or not.

Aside from the obvious hassle of trying to weed out the time wasters who just want to come and take a look, there is also the very real danger that you could be exposing yourself to someone who will attempt to scam or rob you, which is definitely not something you want to happen when you consider the huge price tag attached to your car.

It can be tempting to go down the classified selling route when you consider that you won’t have any commission or middleman fees to pay but do you really want to take that sort of risk and suffer all the hassle of trying to negotiate with so many unqualified inquiries?

Bad checks and illegitimate escrow accounts are just some of the tactics used by scammers and they could target you when they see your classified listing.

What about a car listing website?

If you are already wise to the potential dangers attached to selling your car through classifieds the next logical step would be to consider the idea of using a car listing website.

The obvious advantage here is the fact that someone else will do the filtering of buyers credentials on your behalf and instead of wasting your time with tire-kickers you will at least be sure of connecting with potential buyers who have the cash to buy your car.

You will have to pay a commission to the middleman who is doing the groundwork on your behalf but you might possibly think that is worth it if it saves you a lot of time and hassle.

Sell to a dealership

One of your first thoughts, when you are thinking about selling your luxury sports car, is probably to give a few dealerships a call to see if they are interested in buying your vehicle.

Even if the answer is affirmative and they would love to take your stunning car off your hands the bad news is they are highly likely to make a low ball offer or try to persuade you to buy your next car from them in order to get the best deal.

The obvious drawback with selling your car to a dealership is the fact that they will want to allow a big margin for themselves when they sell it on through their showroom.

This means you are highly unlikely to get the best price for your car if you sell to a dealership.

Try a specialist buying service

You are obviously a discerning buyer if you own a luxury sports car like a Lamborghini or Ferrari, so it makes sense to consider the idea of dealing with a service that is equally picky about the cars they acquire.

Using a luxury car buying service is quick and easy and there is a fair chance that you will receive a fair offer for your car from them because they understand the prestige and value of these brands.

All you have to do is submit your make and model information and wait for an offer to come back, sometimes in a matter of minutes. If the cash offer is acceptable you can make arrangements for them to pick up the vehicle once the cash is in your bank.

It should be a quick and easy process to get paid the right money for your luxury car if you find the right specialist buying service.

Try an auction

Finally, another option to consider is to put your car through an auction.

The process should be quick and that means that you can get cash for your car if a buyer makes a bid, but the unknown is how much you are going to achieve when it goes under the hammer.

It is essential that you set a reserve on the price if you choose to use an auction or your car could be sold for a lot less than its worth. There is the chance that a bidding war breaks out and your car goes for a decent price as a result of this competition, but that is a risky strategy to rely on that happening in order to get the best price.

You have worked hard to earn the right to drive an iconic brand so think hard about the best way to safely sell your car when it’s time for a change.

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