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I have been feeling brave lately (or crazy, whichever way you look at it) and have decided to start potty training with our toddler. I had heard lots of different pieces of advice from various people but thought I would just start and see how we got on.

The lovely people at Dry Like Me sent me some of their potty training pads to try, as part of their potty training live that happens over the summer. I had been sent the Dry Like Me pads after a few attempts with Max and using pull-ups. One of my sisters told me that she thought pull-ups were rubbish but I got them because I just thought that’s what you use. Now I see what she meant! Because pull-ups are still quite nappy-like, Max seemed to know he could ‘go’ in them and it wouldn’t really matter. As soon as we put him in pants with some of the pads, we had much more success and a lot fewer accidents – which is exactly what they are designed for.



It’s still early days for us but the pads are so much better. Max knows there is a difference between what he is wearing and a nappy. You can put a pad in the front of the pants or just at the back – or both! We have been using the ‘early days’ pads which are for as you would think, the early stages of potty training as they are more absorbent.  You can also get the regular pads and night-time ones too. You get a handy little bag in the pack too, to keep the pads all together for when you are out and about.

I think that the pads are definitely worth a try. They aren’t very expensive (compared to pull-ups) and they help your child to feel wetness if they do a wee but will catch accidents so your child can still feel confident. I found that the pads also give peace of mind to me, a beginner toilet training parent, as I know that if the worst happens and your nearest toilet is 5 minutes away and they can’t quite hold it it’s not too much of a big deal.

They’re not going to be for everyone, and they are more useful once the initial concepts of potty training have been established, but might just be the answer you’re looking for to make the final leap from training to trained!

The Potty Training Love programme, run by Dry Like Me is brilliant. You sign up and get advice and tips, which for a ‘first-timer’ is so helpful. There are Twitter chats too so you can hear how everyone else is getting on too. Check out their Facebook or Twitter pages for more information.


All of the Dry Like Me pads can be bought on Amazon as individual boxes of 18, or in multi-packs of four boxes (72 pads) where you also get a sticker wall chart.

What are your top tips for potty training?

Rebecca x

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*I was sent Dry Like Me pads free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.

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