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I think that Easter and Spring is such a lovely time. With all of the flowers blooming and new born chicks and lambs, it just makes me feel happy. I know it has still been a little chilly, but the sunshine is bright and there has been plenty of blue skies around. So with all the Easterness, I have been thinking about what things I can put in the children’s Easter baskets. I like to get them one or two chocolate things and then a few small Easter related toys or bits.

The range of Easter chocolates is massive out there! You can get more than just eggs these days. Not like back in my day haha. I do like the kids to have at one least egg, though and not just bunnies or a chocolate Gruffalo (?!) So with chocolate in mind, the lovely people over at Hotel Chocolat kindly sent us over one of their Easter Goody Bags to test out and review.


I just love how stylish and well presented the treats from Hotel Chocolat are! It comes in a lovely little bag, all tied with a ribbon and then each set of treat is packaged differently, but all neat and pretty. I’m all about cute little packaging haha. The goody bag contains:

  • a Salted Caramel Slab
  • Raspberry Egglets
  • a trio of Scrambled Pralines
  • a Caramel City Bunnies selector
  • a trio of milk chocolate bunnies



Well what can I say? They all taste amazing! The favourite was quite unanimous in our house, though. Everyones favourite was…. the Raspberry Egglets! The mix of raspberry fruit flavouring and the chocolate is just divine. My second choice was the scrambled pralines. So rich, smooth and nutty, funnily enough! Three is just enough – they are mega rich and quite filling. Max loved the caramel bunnies too. Chloe was just loving everything – she’s a chocolate monster!




I think that the goody bag would make a perfect gift for anyone really. It tastes great, looks good, and I like that you get to try a few different flavours and tastes. I like that there aren’t any alcoholic ones, as when I’ve had some before from Hotel Chocolat, they really blow your socks off! Hic. So it is perfect for kids and families. It works well as a sharing gift, as well as for one person. As each treat is packaged individually, you can open at your leisure and save for later.

The cost of the good bag is £18. I think for what you get, this is pretty reasonable. It is much cheaper than a fancy Easter egg, but you get to enjoy the gorgeous Hotel Chocolat taste – a real indulgent treat! If you give it as a gift, it will be very well received, I’m sure.

Have you got anything planned this Easter? What do you think to the goody bag?

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*the goody bag was gifted in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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