Easter Themed Gift Ideas For All The Family

Now that we are in April, it feels much more ‘normal’ to talk about Easter being on the way. I love Easter as much as the next person. But I don’t like seeing it in shops from January. In my local One Stop I actually saw mini eggs for sale before December was even over – what is that about?!

I don’t know if you are someone that ‘does’ Easter or not, but it is something that as Christians, we celebrate in our house. I like to get my kids a little basket of goodies to wake up to on Easter morning, not just a boxed chocolate egg. So if you do something similar, here are a few ideas for basket fillers or little Easter gifts. I know my son would much prefer some LEGO from the Easter bunny over chocolate. Easter gifts don’t have to be edible!

There is a little something for each member of the family. I hope it helps to give you some inspiration.


1.Wax Melts Easter Egg Gift Set – Yankee Candle: £8.99 // 2. Quail Egglets – Hotel Chocolat: £10 // 3. Stripe Goose T-Shirt – John Lewis: £12-£14 // 4. Easter Bunny Workshop Play Set -Playmobil: £17.31 // 5. LEGO Easter Bunny Set: £17.39

6. Grey Sheep Baby Blanket – John Lewis: £15 // 7. Photo Print Ankle Socks: £11.49 // 8. Girls Easter Bunny Necklace: £3.99 // 9. Rooster Mug: £6 // 10. Patisserie Extra Thick Easter Egg – Hotel Chocolat: £27 // 11. White Rabbit Lamp – Red Candy: £27

I know my husband would love anything Hotel Chocolat related. The Extra Thick Eggs are amazing and do last a while! My son would love anything LEGO and my daughter would love the little bunny necklace (she’s so fancy). I’d quite like to see an Easter Yankee Candle or the mega cute quails eggs. They’re just enough chocolate without being too naughty 😉

Is there anything here that takes your fancy? Would love to hear ways that you celebrate Easter, if at all.

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