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If you have been reading my blog over the past couple of months, then you will have seen that I have been working with easyfundraising as a fundraising tool for my son’s school, as it is something that his school had already been using, but just not very effectively. However, you can sign up to any worthy cause that is listed, if you want to raise some money for charity, simply by shopping online and buying the things that you would be already.

So since the end of September, how have things been going? Personally, my total has been raised to just under £52, which I think is pretty good going. Some donations are only a small percentage of what you buy online, but it does all add up. I got my husband to sign up too, and his total at the moment is £22.31 which is pretty good to say he doesn’t do that much of the shopping! It just goes to show how simple it is to use and everyone can raise something.

Raising Awareness at the School

One of the aims was to get more parents raising money through easyfundraising too. Since the school’s account was set up with easyfundraising back in 2013, and up until September 2017, parents had only raised £546.97. I say only, it is still a good amount, but divided by four years it isn’t actually that much.

Since the end of September 2017 until the end of last week (January 2018), the school has since raised a whopping £552.57!

So just more than what had already been raised, and all done in four months, rather than four years. So it just goes to show that with a few friendly reminders, it can make people remember, sign up, and get fundraising.

My Top Tips

If easyfundraising sounds like something that you would like to do for a cause that you love or for your child’s school, then there are some things I have learnt over the past few months to make it much easier to remember so that the retailer make the donations. I would recommend:

  • Download the donation reminder toolbar for your web browser. It automatically pops up each time you go onto a site that will make the donations if you do. One click and you’re good to go and get shopping. I found this much easier to help me remember, though it will only work for a computer / laptop rather than the app.
  • Having said that, the app is good to download too. If you keep it on your main phone screen then if you go to buy something, it is there and you remember. Plus, it is an easy way to track your donations and see the top ten leaderboard (I think I liked seeing where I ‘ranked’ more than I should have, ha).
  • Don’t forget about other things like switching broadband or getting a new phone contract. These are great to get some lump sums of money. I took out a new broadband contract in October as it was expiring anyway, and I think it was £25 straight away added. So don’t just think that it is only for when you’re buying clothes or groceries.
  • If you want to start doing it for your PTA like me, then you need to keep reminding people at school. Posters, flyers, and social media posts are all good ideas. But nothing is better than just good old fashioned word of mouth of others sharing their experience. A mum in my son’s class bought a Eurocamp holiday through it and let us all know on the class What’sApp that it got a £40 donation. It gets everyone more excited and motivated.
  • Some retailers do make it a little more tricky for you to donate, so you need to remember to click the donation button or go through the easyfundraising website as soon as you’re on the webpage. If you have a full basket and then click to activate donation, it might not work, or it clears it to start again. So always remember to do it first.


I have quite enjoyed seeing the little donation reminder as I shop online and is something that I will carry on doing, for sure. It really is simple and the money goes to a worthy cause of your choice. I have downloaded the easyfundraising app too and you can see a top 10 leaderboard of who has been raising the most and I quite like that competitive side of it! I know it is about raising money for a good cause but some healthy competition is good, right?

Have you heard of easyfundraising before? I would love to hear what you think! I couldn’t recommend singing up on the site enough, if you want to do some good for a cause close to your heart.

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