5 Quick & Easy Home Improvements

Sometimes we hear the term ‘home improvements’ and it brings fear into us – well it does for me anyway! They can be big projects and cost a lot of money (as well as hassle). There are quite a lot of things that we can do, that won’t take that long for us to do, though. They are things that we can generally do ourselves and that won’t break the bank. So if you are looking to freshen up the home or make a few changes, here are some ideas.



Getting a tin of paint and a paintbrush is one of the easiest things that we can do. Brightening up a room with a fresh coat of paint can make such a difference. You could choose a brand new colour or perhaps go for a feature wall. Paint is inexpensive as a rule, and will only take a few hours to do. So it is perfect when you have a wet weekend and have some time on your hands.

Trimmings and Finishes

There are usually a few odds and ends that need to be finished off. So if you take a few hours, you can get those kind of things sorted out. Think about lead flashing on your roof that might need replacing or finished off. There might be weather stripping on the windows that need to be installed properly, particularly for colder months. You might have had a TV sat on a stand that you want on a wall and just haven’t got round to installing on the wall. You could call on a tv wall mounting service from JNB if you didn’t want to do it yourself.


Clean Carpets

For us, this is something that we need to do every few months; light carpet and young children isn’t the best combination! It is just taking the time to get a carpet cleaner and actually doing the cleaning. When we have it all organised it takes no time at all. When you can borrow a carpet cleaner, it ends up costing very little too.

Create a Blackboard

A blackboard wall is great to add a different dimension to a room. You could paint a blackboard space in the kitchen to use as a menu wall. You could update one of the kid’s rooms with a blackboard wall so they can doodle on that, rather than on any other walls in the home!

Stop the Creaks

If you live in an older home, you might have some floorboards that squeak or doors that creak. Taking an hour out of your day and you could have all of those things sorted out. Using some WD40 on creaking hinges will work wonders. You can even use talcum powder on creaky flooring to stop the creaks. If you sprinkle some of it down and then sweep it into the cracks, it works to stop the noise. It works, honestly!

Have you got any plans to get updating your home this summer? I think I’m off to book a carpet cleaner!


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