Easy Ways to Save Money When You Shop Online

When it comes to shopping online, I am a massive fan. I do a lot of shopping online, from things like groceries to holidays. You can get pretty much anything online too, so it really is handy for me. I have written before about why I like to shop online. So I just wanted to share with you some of the ways that I save money when I shop online, as there are so many simple things that you can do to save.


Clear Your Cookies

Unfortunately this doesn’t mean clearing your cupboards of sweet treats! Instead, it means clearing the cookies on your computer’s browser. It is a good idea to clear the browsing history too. If you don’t, it means that sites you have visited before are remembered. Then, if you are looking at something like flights, it doesn’t remember that you have been looking for flights before. Some sites move up their prices when they see that you have been on their site the day before, or a similar one. I have only found this little trick to work with travel sites, so it won’t work everywhere.

Shop the Sales

If I am to visit an actual store, then I just avoid the sale section. With young children it can just be a hassle trying to look through and find a bargain. Sale shopping can be a little bit like a jumble sale! So luckily, you still get the sales online too. So you can still get brands like Ted BakerΒ and Joules but at sale prices. Quite often shops have their sales online before they are in the stores. So you can get first pick if you are on the pulse. Being able to take my time means that I get quality sale items that I want too.

Join Mailing Lists

It is a little bit annoying, but if you join mailing lists, you will be sent discounts and offers. I get emails through quite often with discount codes for certain things, or a voucher for my birthday. These are usually not discounts that you get in store, so take advantage of being able to use them online. It might even be worth setting up a separate email address for things like this. Then your everyday email won’t get clogged up with it all.

Combine Postage

Though postage can often be less than it would be to drive and park in town, it can add up. So if you can, avoid buying small bits from lots of different stores. Look for sites that sell more of what you want. If you only have to pay postage once, then it helps a lot. Look for deals on free postage. For example, free postage when sending over Β£50. If you have things in your cart for Β£48, it makes sense to add something that you need to take the delivery cost off. If this happens, think about upcoming events or birthdays that you will be buying a gift for anyway.

Only Buy What You Need

At the end of the day, the best way to save money is to only buy what you need to get. So take your time and think about your purchases. One handy way to do that is to leave things in the ‘shopping cart’. Revisit it the next day and see if you do need to get those items. It stops random spending and can often score you a little bit of a deal. If you are registered on the sores website and leave things in the cart, then quite often email, as they can see you didn’t complete a purchase.

Have you got any tips to share?


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